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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following from?
Here’s the squad warming up before the dual, sorry for the bad quality

UNI warmup at Mizzou
UNI warmup at Mizzou

PBP Legend;
Scoring Related: T2 – Takedown, E1 – Escape, R2 – Reversal, NF (#will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB – Out of bounds
RS – Restart
UNI – Northern Iowa
MU – Missouri

Pre-match thoughts/news:
Starting at 125, #6 vs #2 right off the bat!

UNI vs #3 Missouri
125 – #6 Dylan Peters vs #2 Alan Waters
1st: here we go. Some hand fighting to start, both guys want to work the head, Peters hit with an illegal hold already, Mizzou coaches all over it, and the UNI bench is already warned, but maybe not, not sure what that was. There’s one student really giving it to the UNI bench. Anyway it’s 1-0 Waters after the illegal hold.T2 Waters, no real shot taken just got side-by-side and Waters dragged Peters down. 3-0. Waters gets Peters arm behind him and gets a NF3 off a restart. E1 Peters, 6-1 Peters down, Waters has RT.

2nd: 6-1 Waters, he’s down to start the 2nd. He’s up and out quick for the E1, 7-1 now. Their in that side-by-side again but Peters squares up, they’re both working for that inside trip but go OOB. Peters needs to look for an actual shot here and not just hang on the head, and as I type that Waters gets down on a leg for a T2, he leads 9-1.

3rd: 9-1 Waters on top both in the match and to start the period. Waters with a leg in, and is working for to turn Peters but can’t, and Waters nearly pinned himself there. Stalemate. Peters seems to be doing something wrong on a restart, Waters seems confused, I know I am about that sequence. Peters can’t get out from bottom, Waters has a leg in again, stall warning on him. Stall warning on Peters on a restart, nothing else happened and Peters goes down.

Match final: Waters wins 10-1 with RT.

Team Score: Missouri up, 4-0

133 – Leighton Gaul vs Zach Synon
1st: Handfighting to start, Gaul with a nice shot after he cleared Synon’s arms but backs out. And now Synon in on a shot and finishes for the T2, 2-0 Synon leads. Gaul flat on his belly, he builds up but can’t get there, he falls forward again. Now building up but can’t do anything, he trails 2-0 and gave up RT.

2nd: Gaul is on bottom to start, they run OOB. Restart Gaul tries a switch but can’t get there, Synon flattens him out again. Now he’s nearly got a cradle locked up but gave it up. Synod riding really tough, lots of forward pressure. Gaul flat again, now gets warned for stalling. After a tough ride Synon gets warned for stalling as well, not a lot going on. Restart, Gaul hits a switch but can’t get out before they go OOB. 8 seconds left, restart, but he can’t get out. 2-0 Gaul trails

3rd: Synon gets up and out in :24, he has RT locked up now, 3-0 Gaul trails. Synod is a really lanky 133 pounder, I have to think that got to Gaul when he was on bottom. Again Gaul goes for a high crotch but Synon avoids and now Gual is in on a double leg but can’t finish and Synon gets a T2. 5-0 30 seconds left. Synod gets a tilt after working for a while but OOB, the final is 4-0.

Match final: 4-0 Synon

Team Score: 7-0 Missouri

141 – Jake Hodges vs #6 Lavion Mayes
1st: Hodges does a good job keeping Mayes arms from getting too deep, now Mayes his a beautiful double leg, elevates and gets the T2, that was a great shot. 2-0 Mayes. Off the restart, Hodges tries a gramby and gets stuck! But the ref doesn’t call it, so they wrestle on. Mayes gets a tilt and gets a NF2 but Hodges nearly reverses him, Mayes hits another double to keep him down. 4-0. Mayes has Hodges left arm now and is working him hard. Mayes can’t get him turned again, same score going to the 2nd.

2nd: Mayes on bottom to start, he stands up but Hodges returns him, but then Mayes gets out anyway, kind of a weird sequence. 5-0 now after the E1. Hodges working a two on one, but nothing, Mayes with a snap down but nothing, Hodges in on a low single leg and gets the T2. 5-2 now. Hodges has a leg in, Mayes stands up, stalemate. 34 seconds left in the second. Restart and it looked to me like Hodges had him tilted for at least a one count but Mayes some up and scoots around for the R2. 7-2 going to the third.

3rd: Hodges down to start, he’s up and out in about 20 seconds. Some half shots by both men, Hodges on his knees after a fake and Mayes just runs him over, gets in on a leg and gets the T2. 9-3 now Mayes has RT. Mayes with the optional start, E1 to Hodges, 9-4. Hodges with a shot but he left his right arm why behind him, Mayes gets the T2. 11-4. Mayes rides Hodges out and gets the 12-4 win

Match final: 12-4 Mayes

Team Score: 11-0 Missouri

149 – Tyler Patten vs #5 Drake Houdashelt
1st: Both men are moving a lot, Patten wants to go heavy, Houdashelt won’t let him. Houdashelt with some swipes of his own, works on the head and snaps Patten to get in on the legs for the T2. 2-0 he leads, now in on a power half almost for NF points but Patten fights out, OOB. Houdashelt trying to tilt but Patten with a leg so he can’t get anywhere, now Houdashlet has Patten flattened out. Wow one Missouri fan calls for a stall warning on UNI and the ref calls it that’s just awful. 2-0 Gunnar down.

2nd: Houdashelt on bottom to start, he’s up but Patten returns him violently, and Houdashelt gets up again and Patten crossfaces him violently to return him to the mat. Stalemate now and off a restart Houdashelts gets out. He has 1:04 of RT. Houdashelt gets in on another double leg off a snap and has an am for the tilt for the NF3. 8-0 after all that. Lots of action at the end, Houdshelt gets another NF2, then Patten gets out for the E1 right before the buzzer, it’s 10-1 to the 3rd.

3rd: Patten chooses neutral to start, they get to the edge and Houdashelt gets in on another double for the T2. 12-1. Sorry I missed some action there, Patten lost 17-2.

Match final: 17-2 Houdashelt

Team Score: 16-0 Missouri

157 – Jarrett Jensen vs #10 Joey Lavallee
1st: Tie-ups to start, Lavallee pulling Jensen down to his knees a couple times, stalemate. Same sort of action through the 2nd minute. Ref wants more action. Not really any action other than the tie-ups, no shots by either man, 0-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Jensen on top to start, he rides well and gets an arm for a tilt, he held him for at least three seconds but the official disagrees, and Lavallee gets the E1. That was a questionable no-call, Schwab wanted it too. No other shots in the period, much like the first.

3rd: Jensen is down to start, Lavallee flattens him out and rides him tough, he has RT now. Stalemate, restart, Jensen sits out nearly hits a switch but can’t get there, now he’s up on his feet trying for the switch again but can’t get there, he gets ridden out and goes down 2-0

Match final: 2-0 Lavallee

Team Score: 19-0 Missouri

165 – #12 Cooper Moore vs Mikey England
1st: Moore is keeping his brace off, More right in with that right arm, nearly picks an ankle but can’t elevate it. Tie up, half shot from Moore, now getting heavy on his head, some tough snap downs, again goes for that ankle but can’t get there. Not a whole lot else going on, other than the student hecklers, who are really giving it to Schwab and Moore. Moore with one more shot to close out the period but can’t get there.

2nd: Moore riding well, but then England gets to his feet and Moore lets him out. E1 England, he leads 1-0. We’re back to tie ups and half shots, until England tires a low single of his own but can’t get there, Moore with a shot from too far away. Neither guy can get in on a shot close enough to make it count. And as I say that Moore gets the low ankle pick, England is warned for stalling, Moore is working the leg still can’t get it but gets the T2 with 3 seconds left in the period! 2-1 he leads

3rd: Moore is down to start the 3rd, England has a lot of forward pressure, Moore is up but England returns him, not a lot of urgency out of Moore, he gives up the point for RT, but still leads 2-1. England gets really high on Moore, who stands up but England returns him, then Moore sits out and scoots around for the R2, he leads 4-1 now. Theres the E1 by England 4-2 now but Moore wins it for UNI’s first victory 4-3

Match final: 4-3 Cooper Moore

Team Score: 19-3

174 – Curt Maas vs #5 John Eblen
1st: Handfighting to start, Maas gets a headlock but Eblen pushes OOB. Eblen working a two on one, nothing, now a single leg but Maas fights it off. Eblen gets a two on one and just throws Maas by for a T2. 2-0 He leads, off a restart Maas hits a gramby but can’t quite get out, now he’s got a single leg but can’t finish, and he stands up for the E1, 2-1. And Eblen hits a low double leg for the T2 at the end of the period, he leads 4-1

2nd: Eblen down to start, he’s up and out for the E1, 5-1 now, and Maas is in on a low double, but Eblen fights him off and scoots around for the T2, now Eblen riding tough, flattening Maas out, fans want stalling on Maas but no call, 7-1 to the third.

3rd: Maas is down too start, Eblen working to turn him, flattening him out again, stall warning on Maas. Eblen working to turn him with a half but can’t quite get him over, stall warming on Maas again, 8-1 now. Restart. Maas up but Eblen returns him and rides him out, 9-1 Eblen wins by major

Match final: 9-1 Eblen

Team Score: 23-3

184 – Cody Caldwell vs #14 Willie Miklus
1st: Right off the whistle we have a scramble, and Miklus gets the T2 and has Caldwell in a spladle, and there’s the pinfall.

Match final: Miklus wins by pinfall

Team Score: 29-3

197 – Basil Minto vs #1 J’den Cox
1st: Minto in on a single leg right away, but Cox gets his foot between Minto’s legs and just muscles him down for a Cox T2, Minto grambys out right away though, 2-1. Lets see if Minto can keep this pace up for an entire match. Minto goes for another low single, but Cox was waiting for it that time, he blocks with one hand and scoots to his right for the T2. He cuts Minto, 4-2. Cox hits Minto with a BLAST double leg, but they go OOB before a T2 can be secured. On the edge now Minto does a good job fighting off a shot before they both go OOB, restart and Minto is warned for stalling. Not sure how that happens, they go OOB one more time, Minto down 4-2 to start the 2nd.

2nd: Cox down to start, he’s up and out like it’s nothing 5-2. They go OOB again, Minto’s thumb is bothering him, he landed hard when Cox doubled him OOB in the first. On the edge again Cox gets a T2 of his own, now he’s riding with a tough crossface, working to turn him with just the crossfire. It’s clear that Cox is much stronger than Minto. Minto gets warned for stalling again, even though Cox isn’t doing a wholee lot on top either, 8-2 now Cox leads to the 3rd.

3rd: Minto down to start, Cox cuts him and is right back on him with  a double, T2. 10-3, E1 Minto 10-4. Minto needs to find an attack besides the ankle pick. Stall warning on Minto again as he backs OOB, 11-4 he trails now. Off the restart Minto jumps off the whistle and is in on a leg but can’t make anything happen with it, stalemate. Restart, head tap and a double leg from Cox but OOB, Cox in on a single, trips Minto down for a T2, with 7 seconds left Cox bends Minto backwards for a NF 2, Cox wins 16-4 with RT.

Match final: 16-4 Cox

Team Score: 33-3

285 – #11 Blaize Cabell vs #16 Devin Mellon
1st:Usual heavyweight stuff to start, Mellon must weigh at least 20 pounds more than Cabell. Just tie-ups halfway through the match, neither guy looking to shoot. Theres a shot for Mellon, and Cabell with a shot on the edge as they go OOB. Not much else in the period, 0-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Mellon down to start, he’s up and out in two seconds, so we can answer Mark Ironside on if a heavyweight can get out in 5 or less. Not much else until Mellon goes for a double leg that Cabell just powers out of. Cabell not going to his offense really, theres a tap and go from him, but he can’t finish and Mellon nearly catches him on the edge but Cabell again powers out and they both go OOB. To the third

3rd: Cabell also out in two seconds from bottom, so now we have two heavyweights who can get out quickly. If I haven’t said it yet, Cabell is strong, like very strong. He just powers out of things that would leave a normal heavyweight on the mat. Both men are working on the head, not a lot of tie ups though. Now Mellon with an underhook but can’t do anything and shot from both men gets nothing. Cabell with a nice single leg attempt but can’t finish, we got to sudden victory

Sudden Victory: Again just tie ups to start, Mellon with a single attempt but nothing, Cabell with a half shot and again but nothing, Cabell making Mellon move now and almost gets ankle picked. Tie up again and theres a double leg attempt by Mellon but Cabell flips him and gets the T2 himself. Smith is challenging the call. The call is confirmed, Cabell will win 3-1 in SV.

Match final: 3-1

Final Team Score: 33-6

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