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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following along from?

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart

Pre-match thoughts/news:
Dual is starting at 165

165: #7 Nick Moore vs **Brandon Kingsley
1st:Time to kick off the action! Starting off Moore tries a two-on-one, moving the head around, Kingsley in on a single and he gets the TD (2-0 MN) lets Moore up. 2-1 MN. Moore coming in closer, goes to a collar tie and breaks, now going for a two on one. 1:00 to go. :45 left and Moore gets to the knee, but gives up on his attempt and they are back to working ties. Moore tries a high crotch to Kingsley’s right, but nothing and period ends.

2nd:Moore starts down and he gets to his feet, breaks the hands and is out (2-2). Moore in the collar tie tries a little high crotch attempt again, but it’s not there. Moore in again and can’t quite grab the leg. Now Moore in an underhook. :50 to go Moore bull rushes and catches Kinglsey on a bad shot and gets the fall! Moore got the head and was able to get Kingsley on his back, he had that locked up tight!

Match final: Moore wins by Fall
Team Score:6-0 IOWA

174: #2 Mike Evans vs #4 Logan Storley
1st:HUGE matchup here. Both guys are showing some good respect for each other, lots of working collar ties, breaking it off, then going back to the center. They end up going out.
RS: 1:25 to go, still hand fighting and working positions. Evans is working Storley to the edge trying to force him out. They go out.
:15 left, ends scoreless.

2nd: Storley chose down. He hits a switch and Evans can’t hang on, he gets out. (1-0 MN) Storely attacking on the edge and they go out.
RS: Both guys back to hand fighting. Evans backing Storley, takes a half shot nothing there, Storely tries a reshot but they are OOB.
RS Both guys still working, Storley doing some taps to Evans’ head, but neither guy hitting an attack. Ends (1-0 MN)

3rd:Evans takes down, Storely got out in :03, taking Evans a bit longer, but he gets his feet and gets hand control to knot the score 1-1. Evans finally commits to a shot, but Storely fights it off with a front headlock. They go OOB.
RS 1:06 left Evans really working, still back Storley to the edge, they go OOB
RS :29 left they are in a collar tie looks like we’re headed to SV.

SV: Evans in on a double and just about got a TD, but Storely rolls through. They give Evans the TD, but going to the review since Storley rolled through. Evans changed his level, grabbed the legs and just powered through, still waiting on review. THEY GIVE IT TO EVANS!

Match final:Evans DEC 3-1 over Storley, lots of boo birds
Team Score: 9-0 IOWA

184: #8 Sammy Brooks vs #11 Brett Pfarr
1st: Here comes Brooks. Pfarr gets in on a leg, and he’s got Brooks leg on his feet got Brooks leg up high. Man Brooks has unreal balance, but Pfarr finishes (2-0 MN). Sammy took a shot, and Pfarr just capitalized on a reshot.
RS: Brooks in on a single and finishes and gives an escape (3-3) at the half way point. Looks like Pfarr wanted to try a trip. Brooks has a collar and a wrist, switches to an underhook. Sammy gets to the ankle, but Pfarr has good defense with the whizzer. Brooks tries to finish on the edge, but they go OOB.
RS: :15 left Brooks goes to a double and they go too far out, Brooks can’t finish.

2nd:Brooks takes down, and he’s out :02 (4-3 IA), Brooks snapping the head, Brooks gets in another leg, brings it up high hits a trip and ref gives him the TD, but Pfarr has an ankle. Crowd not like it (6-3 IA)
RS: Brooks cuts Pfarr (6-4 IA) :45 to go. Brooks in on a collar tie, Pfarr takes a shot with short time, but Brooks fights it off, Brooks cuts the corner gets around Pfarr on their feet, Pfarr tries a roll, but they award Brooks TD (8-4 IA). Period

3rd:Pfarr going down. Brooks with a lot of pressure here and Pfarr gets to his feet, but Brooks had his arm around the back so they did award the escape right away, Brooks got the corner again and finishes the TD (10-5 IA) :106 left as they are heading out. Brooks drops to an ankle. Got Pfarr broken down to his belly, Pfarr gets his base back, Brooks cuts (10-6 IA) :30 to go. Brooks takes a shot nothing, Pfarr on a shot, nothing. Brooks score a TD (12-6 IA), cuts Pfarr (12-7) looking for a major with :08, Pfarr just backs away from the shot.

Match final: Brooks by DEC 13-7
Team Score: 12-0 IOWA

197: #3 Nathan Burak vs #6 Scott Schiller
1st: Burak is looking for a win against Schiller, don’t think he has one in his career. Burak and Schiller fighting, tries to catch the leg, but Schiller moves away. Burak on another attempt, but nothing there. Burak touches the leg there, but nothing again. 1:00 to go. Both guys still working each other. Burak takes another little attempt, nothing there. This is going to end scoreless.

2nd:Schiller takes down, Burak covers, Burak trying to ride, Schiller gets to his feet, Burak tries to return, Schiller gets out in :15 (1-0 MN) another attempt, but didn’t get his hands around the leg. 1:00 to go, Burak still working his attempts, there is an shot by Schiller, well fought by Burak so back to their feet. :20 to go, Burak with another attempt there, but the period ends.

3rd:Burak is out real quick there, no riding (1-1). Schiller on an attempt, but well defended. Both back to their feet. Schiller almost hits a double, but Burak fighting it off again. Schiller takes a shot touches the leg, reshot Schiller, nothing there either. Schiller hits a double at the buzzer..

Match final: Schiller DEC 3-1 over Burak
Team Score: 12-3 Iowa

285: #2 Bobby Telford vs #13 Michael Kroells
1st: Right off the whistle Telford working the head. 1:40 left Bobby gets in on a leg on the edge. Brings it to his feet and brings Kroells all the way to the center of the mat and finishes the takedown, (2-0 IA), Bobby going to work on an arm bar. Keeping Kroells on his belly. Bobby slipped and Kroells hits a reversal on the edge, unreal. (2-2) they go out :10 to go.
RS: Kroells rides Bobby OOB
RS: :06 left Bobby tries to get out, but ride out. Still tied.

2nd:Bobby starts down, Kroells riding tough, Bobby gets out :16. Brands really not like the riding time counting down, let the refs have it, they head to the table to discuss. (3-2 IA). They adjust the RT, Telford with :36. 1:25 left. Telford in on a single and finishes (5-2 IA). Telford back on that arm bar. Kroells gets to his base, Telford goes tight waste and ankle, Kroells gets to his feet and is out (5-3 IA) there was under :25 to go when Kroells got out.

3rd:Kroells took down, Telford with over 1:30 RT and adding to it, Kroells to his feet, and Telford lets him out, another :25 RT for Telford. (5-4 IA). Telford using his length to his advanatge here, keeping some distance. They go OOB.
RS: :36 left, Telford with RT locked up. :20 to go Kroells takes a shot, Bobby fights it off, he’s going to win.

Match final: Telford DEC 6-4 w/ RT over Kroells
Team Score: 15-3 Iowa

Brands at half: “Moore came out a little slow, and he came back strong and he packed the guy!”
“We got five to go and we got to keep it rolling.”

On Jason Bryant’s podcast this week, Terry Brands said that “last year’s match will stick with Gilman for probably the rest of his career.” I’ll be interested to see what he can do here tonight.

125: #5 Thomas Gilman vs Ethan Lizak
1st: Thomas Gilman in on a single fast :07 maybe. He’s got it on his feet, but can’t finish yet, Gilman trips and finishes 2:24 left. Gilman cuts, they go out (2-1 IA).
RS: Gilman working that head and drops his level for a shot, gets his head outside and gets the TD and release (4-2 IA) ALMOST catches that ankle again. Gilman got a leg on the edge, he’s trying to pull it up and bring him back to the mat to finish, he’s got him in the center and finishes (6-2 IA) :50 to go. Gilman working on top now. Gilman with a lot of pressure Lizak has his base, but can’t work past that, Gilman finishes on top.

2nd:They start neutral. Gilman gets to the side on a two on one, gets that ankle and finishes TD, cuts Lizak (8-3 IA), gets around Lizak again (10-3 IA). Cuts and big TD (12-4 IA) riding time counting :54 left. They go OOB
RS: Gilman releases and is in again, TD (14-5 IA). Another release-TD (16-6 IA).

3rd:Gilman takes down. Gilman catches the leg, comes up and grabs Lizak’s head pulls him down for a reversal. Gilman getting some NF3, and there is the TF.

Match final: Gilman wins by Tech Fall
Team Score: 20-3 Iowa

133: #5 Cory Clark vs #1 Chris Daradnes
1st: Their tied up, Clark to his knees, gets back to his feet, and both guys are ear to ear. They break a part. Dardanes really working that head, got into a front headlock, but Clark got out and back on their feet. 1:30 left. Dardanes with a high crotch, has Clarks leg on his feet, trying to finish, Clark fighting him off, but Dardanes finishes the TD (2-0 MN) Clark gets to his seat and is out (2-1 MN) and there is :30 left. Clark with a low single fought off by Dardanes. period ends.

2nd:Clark takes down, gets around Dardanes into front headlock, but he’s got to let Clark go. 2-2 score. Dardanes is really working Clark’s head tonight, got a double collar tie with Dardanes in the inside, Clark it out. Dardanes in on the legs, but can’t get his hands locked to initiate a takedown. Both to their feet :30 left. Period ends tied. Lots of action in this match.

3rd:Dardanes takes down Dardanes hits a switch almost gets around for a reversal, but they get a potentially dangerous (they award the escape) (3-2 MN).
RS: Clark has to go here Dardanes gets in on a single and he brings it to his feet, does a sweep and almost finishes, Clark hanging tough with his whizzer they go OOB. Nice work Clark.
RS:1:09 left, Clark takes a shot, Dardanes catches the leg on a reshot and looks like he scored, but they are going to review it. I think it’s going to be overturned. Really taking their time on the review…
RS They award Dardanes the TD (5-2 IA) :50 left. Dardanes to his feet, and he gets out (5-3) Clark attacking here. Dardanes working the head, but both to their feet, Clark on another shot, nothing. Clark going two on one, Dardanes gonna win this one.

Match final: Dardanes by DEC 5-3 over Clark
Team Score:20-6 IOWA

141: #5 Josh Dziewa vs #4 Nick Dardanes
1st:Dardanes had an early attempt, but they are back on their feet. Dardanes almost in on another double, Josh backs out and is back to working ties. Under 2:00. Dziewa looking for an angle to go to his duck under. Dardanes almost gets the leg again, but just a second slow. Nick not working the head like Chris did. Dardanes on a shot, but Dziewa scrambles out. Dardanes on another shot, Dziewa warned for stalling. Ends the first scoreless.

2nd:Dziewa takes down to start the period. Caution, missed on who it was on. Dziewa to his legs out in :08. (1-0 IA). Dziewa does take a shot, but not close enough to finish. Dardanes on another attack, nothing. Less than a minute. Dardanes takes another shot. Dziewa is defending really well, but he needs to have some offense. Dziewa takes another attempt, but Dardanes with a TD on reshot at the buzzer (2-1 MN0

3rd:Dardanes up and out (3-1 MN), Dziewa with an attempt, but Dardanes scores (5-1 MN). Dziw is out, 1:00 to go. Dardanes with a big double (7-2 MN) he cuts Dziewa. :20 to go. Not going to get bonus.

Match final:Dardanes wins by DEC
Team Score:20-9 IOWA

149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs Jake Short
1st:Sorensen looking for an attack early. He’s got to the leg, but he can’t bring it in for the true attempt. Back to their feet. Sorensen working the collar tie, Short has the elbow. Sorensen with another attempt, but nothing there. 1:00 to go.
Short is warned for stalling. He’s not really doing much so it’s a good call. Now Short takes a double attempt and they go OOB.
RS: 15 left this will end scoreless.

2nd:Short takes down, Sorensen riding tough. Short to his feet, there is the return by Sorensen. He’s tough on top. They go OOB.
RS 1:18 left. Short to his feet return by Sorensen, Short with a roll, Sorensen follows still on top. They go OOB :52 left.
RS: Sorensen stops Short again, sticks a half in OOB again.
RS: Sorensen going for a full period ride out: 10 to go. Short to his feet, but he’s returned. Good ride out.

3rd:Sorensen down, he’s out (1-0 IA) Sorensen with 1:53 RT. Sorensen takes another attempt, but has to back out. 1:00 left. Sorensen has RT locked. Short takes a shot, Sorensen fights it off. Crowd trying to will Short to go. Sorensen locking up real right with the collar. Another attempt by Short, Sorensen gets around for a cheap TD (4-0 IA)

Match final:Sorensen by DEC 4-0 over Short
Team Score:23-9 IOWA

157: #15 Mike Kelly vs #1 Dylan Ness
1st:So Iowa has the dual clinched. Best Minny can do is make it 23-15. Kelly in on a single. Ness trying to funk out. Kelly holding on the ankle for dear life. Kelly trying to follow here. Ness trying to come out the back. Potentially dangerous.
RS 1:45 left, Kelly just about got a TD, Ness funks out. There is a TD by Kelly. (2-0 IA). Ness is out. (2-1 IA). Ness takes a shot, gets out. Kelly in on another single. He’s got that ankle ANOTHER TD (4-1 IA) rides him out the last :10.

2nd:Ness takes down. Ness trying to catch the head, but Kelly lets him up (4-2 IA). Kelly in on another leg, but Ness is really working some funk there is a TD and they are back up (6-3 IA). This scrambling is just crazy. Ness goes double (6-5 IA) throws a leg in with :30 to go. Kelly working hand control, get so this seat gets his escape with short time (7-5 IA).

3rd:Kelly starts down, Ness throws both legs in. Kelly staying on his base, Ness falling off the side, Kelly reaches up tries to grab the head, but Ness gets back into position. Kelly digs the leg out. and they call potentially dangerous as Kelly trying to come out. Intentional release (8-5 IA), Ness gets bear hug and NF2, Kelly almost gets a reversal (9-8 MN) and he comes from behind to win.

WOAH They call locked hands, it’s 9-9, Kelly has to get out to tie (Ness with RT) Kelly trying to kick out. Technical violation Kelly, there’s the end.

Match final:Ness Dec Kelly 11-9
Team Score: 23-12 IOWA

13,600 attendance announced.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

    1. the PD call I was referring to was the one on Ness’ leg in the 2nd period.

  1. 3rd period
    Get on your defense, Kelly and I don’t say that often.
    (After the carnage) Big move got him! :((((

  2. end of 2nd period
    Ironside yelling for hand control, escape, takedown, reversal, takedown

  3. 1st period
    Kelly gets a TD
    Finally gets it after 3 shots!
    Ness looks tired
    (talks some more)
    Ness could be playing oppossium

  4. 157
    I like that Mike Kelly is on a leg right away
    Kelly scrambles and scoots with Ness and Ness is a scrambler.

  5. (Late TD by Sorensen)
    Ironside- We’ll take it.
    (Iowa clinches the dual, BTW)

  6. 3rd period
    (First Metcalf mention)
    Sorensen keeps that front arm low, you can tell he wrestles Metcalf a lot.
    Sorensen has gone after it just not enough attacks
    Create angles.
    Set a guy up.

    1. watching on btn now, sorensen just did what everyone complains that (young)tsirtsis does to win. am i the only one disappointed by that match?

      thanks vall for additional commentary

  7. 2nd period
    Grace- Sorensen has a good suck-back
    Sorensen has a good Ride.
    Sorensen has so much fwd pressure.
    Iowa bench wants a SW call as MN inches goes OOB
    So much pressure by Sorensen.
    Big Ride by Sorensen.
    Tell you about Sorensen, that kid is strong. Short looks bigger but Sorensen is stronger.

  8. Sorensen just wears people out
    (Didn’t short beat BS this summer?)
    Grace amused that MN fans don’t like SW on their guy.
    MN is good, they hit a lot of dbls

  9. 3rd period
    Grace is amused that MN wants a SW for his two shots
    Ironside wants Jeva to go

  10. 141
    2nd period
    Our favor not giving up a TD in the fist period for Jeva
    Grace- Tom is up – 3 shots for Jeva this period
    Hard time getting through that wall of hands / arms

  11. 133- Great match, even though we lost.
    141- Jeva gets out to slow starts
    Dardanes going hard.
    Grace- expect hard wrestling at MN
    Ironside- except Logan Storely
    Jeva has got to follow up on his shots.
    On Jeva’s stall warning- Brands is questioning how is it a SW when the guys are battling.

  12. 3rd period
    Ankle pick attempt by Dardanes
    According to Ironside if the calls are the same as Gilman’s this isn’t a TD
    Grace thinks it is 50/50
    And they give a TD

  13. 3rd period
    Ironside thought Cory could get backs but almost got RV
    Great job by Clark to fight that off
    He is trying but needs to get his offense.

  14. My comment- I found where I put my national dual ticket, earlier today.

    Cory needs to work the 2 on 1.

  15. Grace mentioned that the National Duals don’t count in B1G seedings (?)

  16. Beautiful finish by Gilman
    Went one way and switched off to another side.

    3rd period
    Grace-Tom reminded Gilman to get back points / fall

  17. 2nd period
    Gilman may have had problems underneath so it surprised Ironside that he didn’t go down.
    Gilman all over Lizak
    He is absolutely tormenting Lizak.

  18. 1st period
    Gilman is tormenting Lizak
    He’s getting some trouble from this MN kid bc he’s long.
    I don’t know how Lizak will hold up after 4 more min of wrestling Gilman.

  19. (unless I type My comment or Grace, everything is Ironside)

    MN guy looks like a HSer
    Starting 6th is different
    He’s got to be champing at the bit.
    Catch and release for TG
    Brands called for the intentional release.

  20. I just peeked in at the guiliotine. The “monkey” comments are out. I love it.

  21. Grace
    If you looked at this on paper, it was supposed to be 9-6 (if the Evans loss) and instead it is 15-3.
    Is pissed off (kind of smiling through the radio when he said that) that we missed bonus points in 184 and Hwt and the win vs Schiller. Never satisfied.
    Don’t get me wrong, I am extremely happy right now, esp with Nick Moore. Big Fall for Moore, Biggest of his career. That’s cool for Nick more.

  22. Fun thought.
    These must be new or blind Gopher Fans (or filled with amnesia) if they are boing lack of action in the HWT match.

  23. 2nd period
    Bobby riding and the MN bench wants stalling
    There is not stalling there.
    Great shot by Bobby
    Bobby has 1:19 of RT
    Ironside- I’d like to see him go and get the Major
    Grace- Maybe he can turn him
    Ironside- He hasn’t turned him all day. I’d like to see him go and get a bunch of TD
    Kroellis first shot of the match was a bad one but Bobby didn’t go around.
    Bobby’s face tells Ironside that he doesn’t want to take any more shots.
    Mark doesn’t like it.

  24. Tom Brands very upset with the RT people
    (I can see him pointing on TV)
    (They may be arguing over 2 seconds- jeez just wrestle!)
    This is the side official’s call.
    Tom told the side ref- “That’s your job”
    Imagine being an official in this environment.
    Gave Iowa 2 seconds back

  25. Tellford-1st period
    My comment- I read that this is the first MN wrestler that Bobby will wrestle that isn’t named Nelson.

    C’mon Bobby T.
    Right in the middle tonight usually he wrestles at the end.
    Man, that would have been good for Burak.
    Nice job pulling him back into the center of the mat
    After the TD
    MN is crawling for the edge

  26. Ironside- Great shot at the end by Schiller.
    Caught Burak a little relaxed.
    Really good shot by Schiller Good heads up westling.

  27. Burak My comment not Ironside.
    I thought he looked better against Schiller than every before – more aggressive. And I agree with Ironside, he needs to commit to the shot. Tough loss.

  28. 3rd period
    Burak has to commit to the shot.
    He’s there
    He looks good
    He’s taking shots and backing out at the same time.

  29. 2nd period Burak
    A good shot and didn’t finish.
    May have surprised himself on the shot.

  30. Ironside on Burak
    Ironside Not sure why we are ranked higher at this weight
    “well, Schiller has lost twice”
    Ironside – doesn’t matter.
    Pretty darn full at the barn
    (BTW there is only about a 4 second delay btw video and radio)

  31. Brooks
    Ironside wanted two more TD with a min left.
    Wanted Brooks to go.
    Wasn’t sure about the 3rd TD at the end of the second period.
    A guy up in the crowd in the upper deck yelled, “Eat sh#t, Brands”
    Ironside likes it.

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