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Dual Preview

Where is everyone following along from?

Scoring Related: TD- Takedown (2 points) NF# – Near Fall (# will denote the amount of back points scored)
OOB- Out of Bounds
RS – Restart
IA- Iowa
NW- Northwestern

Pre-match thoughts/news:

Nothing crazy on the weigh-in sheet. Looks like week one starters are back and NW definitely FFTing 174 tonight.
UPDATE: New bout sheets have Kris Klapprodt weighed in at 197 along with Nathan Burak.

Dual is starting at 125

125: #5 Thomas Gilman vs Garrison White
1st: Here we go, Gilman already taking a shot and he gets TD and release (2-1 IA), then adds another TD on the edge OOB (4-1 IA)
RS Gilman cuts White and he’s in right away, three TDs in :45. Another release and TD (8-3 IA) Gilman had a near side cradle locked up, but doesn’t score off it. They go OOB.
RS Optional start and Gilman in on the ankle again and finishes TD (10-4 IA) looking for a tilt on the edge and gets (12-4 IA) they go out.
RS another escape for White, White gets in on Gilman’s leg, holding on real tight, :40 left and Gilman breaks the hands gets around for another takedown, he’s getting some more NF now. Period ends. He had White in danger (17-5 IA)

2nd:White starts down and Gilman is probably going to start looking for a fall here. Lots and lots of forward pressure, he ends up cutting (17-6 IA). White has Gilman’s leg again, Gilman doing a good job fighting, gets around again for another sore and gets a tilt and its a Tech fall.

Match final:Gilman by TECH FALL 22-6 2:14
Team Score:5-0 Iowa

133: #5 Cory Clark vs Dominick Malone
1st:Malone in on Clark’s leg early, Cory fighting it off and we get a stalemate.
RS Malone is really trying to work Clark’s head, Clark gets into a two-on-one, but can’t get to the leg and loses it. Malone in on the leg again, but Clark gets around and has an arm bar. (2-0 IA), called potential dangerous.
RS: There was a caution on Malone. Malone gets to his seat, working for hand control, Clark gets him back to his belly, he starts to get n deep on an arm bar… Malone goes over THERE’S THE FALL

Match final: Clark 2:56 FALL
Team Score: 11-0 IOWA

141: #6 Josh Dziewa vs Jameson Oster
1st: Dziewa ties up, then they break apart, he takes a real low single leg shot, brings the leg to his feet hits a trip and he has a TD with just under 2:00 to go. They go OOB
RS: Oster gets to his feet, Dziewa returns him to his belly. (2-0 IA) and he’s working the tilt and is getting some back points, NF3, (5-0 IA) already over 1:00 RT. Got Oster on his belly, end of period Dziewa with 1:59 RT

2nd:Oster starts down, hits a pretty quick stand up, but Dziewa with another real nice return and he’s back on top. Gotten Oster into trouble a few times, just about getting him on to his back, no points though. Dziewa trying to get the arm bar, but can’t get wrist control. :30 left, there is the stall warning on Oster. Oster gets to his seat trying to work a reversal, but no luck (5-0 IA)

3rd: Dziewa takes neutral, they do a little “dancing” and Oster takes a shot, gets in on a leg, good sprawl defense by Dziewa, they get into a scramble with Dziewa in on the leg, they stalemate.
RS: Oster in on another shot, Dziewa defending trying to break the hands and get around, called potentially dangerous.
RS: A little more head tapping, but this ends 6-0 with RT

Match final: Dziewa DEC 6-0
Team Score:14-0 IOWA

149: #3 Brandon Sorensen vs #1 Jason Tsirtsis
1st:Match of the night Sorensen really trying to go for control, starting to work the head a bit, they break, come back work for a tie, break again. Lots of circling, the crowd is loving it. High crotch attempt by Tsirtsis, but doesn’t get in on the legs. Crowd starting a clap, really trying to get Sorensen going 1:20 left still just working ties and circling back to the center. Another half attempt by Tsirtsis, but he’s too tied up for it to go anywhere. A pretty typical Tsirtsis period so far. Little head tapping, but this ends scoreless

2nd: Tsirtsis starts down, Sorensen really putting pressure down, Tsirtsis trying to get hand control and he finally gets out (1-0 NW) they go out.
RS: More work for the collar ties, Sorensen had :27 of riding time. Sorensen tries an attempt that doesn’t go anywhere, crowd loves it. Tsirtsis tries to catch the ankle and misses. :30 left. Both guys trying to wear the other down. Period ends

3rd: Sorensen starting down, Tsirtsis just hanging on the ankle and he kicks out! he got in :05 (1-1). Crowd really clapping. Both guys trade attempts, neither really get in the legs. 1:00 to go. Sorensen backs Tsirtsis out.
RS: :30 Tsirtsis with a shot from far away goes no where headed to OT

SV:Sorensen with a half attempt then goes for a big double and was a second late. Tsirtsis in again, Sorensen backs out and tries to reshot Crowd not like Tsirtsis backing out. Nothing

TB1: Tsirtsis starting down, he goes to his seat, Sorensen with heavy pressure, he gets to his feet and Tsirtsis is out after :17

TB2: Sorensen’s turn to go down. Crowd on their feet, Sorensen gets out, he’s still got :03 RT in his favor. Brands is letting the ref have it, don’t like NW hanging on the ankle.

SV2:Tsirtsis in again, Sorensen fights out, both guys working ties, Sorensen pushes NW out, and the RS
RS: period ends

TB3: Sorensen down, he’s out in :04, RT is in NW favor by:01 lots of circling here.

TB4:Crowd is all up Sorensen now has RT, he’s going to get the win!!!

Match final:Sorensen DEC 3-2
Team Score:17-0 IOWA

157: #17 Mike Kelly vs Ben Sullivan
1st:Kelly gets the TD on the edge and they go out(2-0 IA).
RS: Kelly riding tough, sorry hard to catch up after a match like that. Kelly is trying to work and arm bar, oh he just about throws Sullivan over, gives up the escape though (2-1 IA). Kelly with anohter on the edge TD
RS: This time Kelly has it tight, got Sullivan on his back NF3, (7-1 IA)

2nd:NW taking down, Kelly looking for a near side cradle. NW doing a good job staying out of it. Kelly switches to work the arm bar, putting hi on his back again! It was close from my view (which is a ways away) NF3 and gives an escape (10-2 IA), Kelly gets another TD with short time and period ends (12-2 IA)

3rd:Kelly takes down and is out pretty quick, he’s got over 3:00 Rt. They go out.
RS (13-2 IA) NW doing some backing here, Kelly really working his ties. Kelly in on an ankle and gets the TD (15-2 IA), gives the escape. Kelly looking for more takes another shot, works for another. NW misses a throw attempt and Kelly is on top for the TD.

Match final:Kelly by TECH FALL 18-3
Team Score:22-0 IOWA

165: #9 Nick Moore vs #6 Pierce Harger
1st:Looking for some vengeance. Kidd Rock’s Cowboy playing, let’s see if it pumps Moore up. Both guys circling. Hand fighting, head taps, not really staying to close, there’s that high crotch attempt but Harger fights it off. Nick does a snap there, but neither guy really gets anything, we’re scoreless.

2nd:Moore starting down here, he got to his feet, but was returned. Gets to his seat and starts working wrist control, goes for a stand up and returned. Harger putting on a real tough ride. Moore gets out on the edge and they walk back to the center. Neither guys really gets anything going, and ref stops the action to pull something off Moore.
RS: short time fighting hands 1-0 Nick Moore lead

3rd:Harger starts down and gets Moore into some trouble, Harger with the reversal and Moore gets out 2-2. Not sure why we are stopping action. Still 2-2, Moore making some movement on his feet, Harger really tapping on Moore’s face, but really staying at about an arms length away. Moore trying to come in. Moore is really coming forward, really looks like he is on the attack, there is a shot, he’s hot Harger on his seat, but they stalemate :09 left.

SV:Early shot by Harger, well fought off, now Moore with double unders here but he backs out of them, got Harger on the edge they go OOB
RS: Crowd is digging Moore’s effort, there is a shot, puts him on his seat and there is the TD

Match final:Moore DEC 4-2 SV
Team Score:25-0 IOWA

174: #2 Mike Evans vs FFT

Team Score:31-0 IOWA

184: #8 Sammy Brooks vs Mitch Sliga
1st:Sammy coming out with a lot of energy working Sliga’s head. Sammy wants to get to his tie, he keeps breaking and gets right back in. Sammy with a leg on the edge and he’s draggin him back to the center, brings the leg up trips and gets the TD (2-0 IA), Brooks gives up an escape and gets another TD, I missed how he scored typing. Sliga to his feet and Brooks cuts him :24 to o. Brooks working on the edge
RS Brooks with a TD with short time and he now leads 6-2 at the end

2nd:Brooks takes down. caution on Brooks, he gets to his feet, and then gets out. Sliga takes a shot, Sammy goes behind and Sliga tries to go to his feet so Sammy catches the leg, finishes for the TD (9-2 IA). Brooks drives him to his belly. Sliga works back up Brooks cuts him loose (9-3 IA) :55. Brooks in again 11-3 after the TD, lets him up again. Brooks working for another TD with :26 left and gets it with :09 left, (13-4 IA)

3rd:Sliga starts down and is let up, (13-5 IA) Brooks drops in on a single, finishes as they are going out (15-5 IA). Gives up another escape, they stalemate, looked like a Sliga attempt.
RS Sliga in again, Sammy sprawled out, trying to break the hands, gets the broke and gets around (17-6 IA) :45 left Sammy just rides out, trying for a tilt, but no luck.

Match final:Brooks MAJ 18-6 w/ RT
Team Score: 35-0 IOWA

197: #4 Nathan Burak vs #13 Alex Polizzi
1st:Alex (NW) has his left elbow pretty taped up. Burak gets around and Alex goes running out of bounds, Burak tries to finish with toes in bounds, but gets nothing
RS Burak with a single, trips for the finish, but Alex jumps OOB no points
RS: Burak in again, Alex is pretty funky. They give Alex the TD off some funk 2-0 NW
RS Burak up an out, he’s got Alex on the edge, they circle back center and period ends (2-1 NW)

2nd:Alex takes down, Burak riding tough, tries to throw leg in, but Alex to his feet and is out. (3-1 NW). Burak in on another attempt, got both legs, gets his head to the side, has Alex on his seat, ref awards no points, going back to neutral.
RS: Burak clearly not afraid to go after it here, he’s taken a ton of shots in this match, but he is going to end the period down 3-1

3rd:Burak taking down, gets to his feet, he finally kicks out and now trails 3-2. Burak pushes Alex OOB.
RS: Alex with some forward pressure now, Burak takes another shot, but can’t get to the legs, back to their feet. Crowd wants stalling with 1:00 to go, Alex hasn’t really taken an attempt. Burak still fighting. Stall warning called, and Burak gets in on the single and finishes! he goes up 4-3, CROWD IS NUTS!

Match final:Burak DEC 4-3
Team Score:38-0 IOWA

285: #1 Bobby Telford vs #4 Mike McMullan
1st: Both guys looking for a tie up McMullan breaking away and coming back several times in a row. Telford working the head, but McMullan keeps breaking and really not letting Bobby do too much. This period ends 0-0

2nd:Telford takes down, Bobby to his feet, not getting returned, McMullan tried to drop to an ankle to return, but wound up cutting him to avoid stalling, Telford leads 1-0. Telford with a bit of a knee slap, not really a shot. He didn’t change levels. Telford’s got the lead though

3rd:McMullan’s turn down, he gets to his feet and he tries to return, McMullan out to tie, they go OOB
RS: Telford going for his ties, McMullan keeping his distance from those long arms. They tie up with 1:00 to go and they are circling each other. We’re going to need extra time to finish this.

SV:Telford with a collar, McMullan has a wrist, but they break, neither really wanting to take a shot right now. Telford had McMullan in almost a front headlock, but let’s try some rideout here.

TB1: Telford down first, caution McMullan. Telford to his feet, stall warning on McMullan for not getting him returned in time, the go OOB :14 left, McMullan dropped to an leg finished the ride out.

TB2: McMullan down, Telford drops to a leg, McMullan almost kicks out, but Telford hanging on. McMullan kicks Telfords head (a lot..) Telford hit for stalling :02 left to finish the ride out, he does

SV2: McMullan takes an attempt, Telford counters, back to their feet, Bobby in on a single, they get into a scramble McMullan’s advantage, there is the TD for McMullan

Match final: McMullan DEC 3-1 SV
Team Score: 38-3

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

  1. I have no knowledge on Bobby T being sick, I am just pointing out that maybe that is a reason that Klapp weighed in. I’m not saying I want to skip the match or suggesting that is something that TnT considers. But there are wrestlers in the B1G who have sat out this year b/c they were sick or “sick”.

  2. From Delaware, come on Bobby. Sitting in a hotel from in Johnson City TN. Thanks.

  3. I hate to even suggest it, but is it possible Klapp weighed in to go at Hwt?

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