Q: Thomas how was your match tonight?

Gilman: Alright

Q: Just Alright?

Gilman: We needed a tech fall, and I didn’t quite get the tech fall. So we will see how the team race comes out (this was taken during intermission), I thought I had a quick two count, maybe not. It was alright.

I let the guy lay there a little bit. I was working on top, but maybe not enough. I let him lay there a little too much.  I should have tried to rip his arm off a little bit, maybe get him moving, but I didn’t quite do that.

Q: Only two first period takedowns as a team through the first five weights, is that a concern?

Gilman: Only two all together, or do you mean two guys got first period takedowns? Because I got three first period takedowns. Yeah we want to get first period takedowns at every weight, but if it doesn’t happen we have to get them later.

In Clark’s match he got to the guy in the third period, you know he didn’t get to him in the first period, you have to get to him in the second period. Third period was too late. It’s the same theme Tom (Brands) talked about all year, first period takedowns. We still got 5 matches, but like you said 2 out of 5 matches is not good.

Q: Were you hoping to see Delgado?

Gilman: leading up to it doesn’t matter who they are putting out there. They are putting an opponent out there and I have to do my mission and I have to beat him. I have to come out on top. But obviously it’s a disappointment for the fans, and it’s disappointing for me, for their program and our program.

Why wouldn’t you want to wrestle? You know it’s Carver-Hawkeye Arena, I don’t know how many fans (we have here), there’s a lot of fans in here. More fans then the bring to their arena. Why wouldn’t you want to wrestle. Maybe they are scared, maybe they are this or that. There is a lot of excuses, but it’s over. You want to talk about Delgado I think he is over there.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle