As mentioned on Saturday’s preview post, Takedown radio will be providing live commentary of the 52nd Midlands Championships. Below is the link for the stream, and we will work to keep resutls updated as best we can. Big thanks to Takedown Radio and Scott Casber for helping to make this happen!


Iowa point scorers:


Champ. Round 1 T Gilman (Iowa) over I Andrade (South Dakota) Maj 11-1
Champ. Round 2 T Gilman (Iowa) over J Mai (Columbia) Fall 5:00

Champ. Round 1 J Dance (Virginia Tec) over M Jolcover (Northern Iow) TF 21-6
Cons. Round 1 Garrison White (Northwestern) won by major decision over Mark Jolcover (Northern Iowa) (Maj 9-0)

Champ. Round 2 C Clark (Iowa) over V Pizzuto (Eastern Mich) Maj 10-2
Champ. Round 3 C Clark (Iowa) over J Cortez (Illinois) Dec 6-2

Champ. Round 2 A Giraldo (Rutgers) over J Alber (Northern Iow) Maj 10-1
Cons. Round 3 J Alber (Northern Iow) over H Weber (North Dakota) Dec 5-0

Champ. Round 1 T Carton (Iowa) over A Lenzi (Penn) Fall 1:16
Champ. Round 2 M Port (Edinboro) over T Carton (Iowa) Maj 14-5
Cons. Round 2 T Carton (Iowa) over J Bing (Franklin & M) Maj 16-6
Cons. Round 3 T Carton (Iowa) over J Macololooy (Columbia) TF 22-7

Champ. Round 1 J Dziewa (Iowa) over N Tighe (Binghamton) TF 17-1
Champ. Round 2 J Dziewa (Iowa) over R Ponte (Columbia) Maj 12-0
Champ. Round 3 J Dziewa (Iowa) over B Wright (Grand View) Dec 4-0

Champ. Round 2 T Preston (Harvard) over S Gross (Iowa) Dec 6-5
Cons. Round 2 S Gross (Iowa) over N Tighe (Binghamton) TF 22-6
Cons. Round 3 J Laster (Princeton) over S Gross (Iowa) Dec 7-4

Champ. Round 2 B Wright (Grand View) over U Owuama (Grand Canyon) Maj 17-4
Champ. Round 3 J Dziewa (Iowa) over B Wright (Grand View) Dec 4-0

Champ. Round 1 G Martinez (Grand View) over K Laubach (Bloomsburg) Dec 1-0
Champ. Round 2 G Martinez (Grand View) over R Lubeck (Wisconsin) Dec 5-3
Champ. Round 3 B Sorensen (Iowa) over G Martinez (Grand View) Dec 5-1

Champ. Round 2 – Brody Grothus (Iowa) won by tech fall over Cole Weaver (Indiana) (TF 15-0)
Champ. Round 3 B Grothus (Iowa) over J Williams (Cumberland U) Maj 12-4

Champ. Round 2 B Sorensen (Iowa) over M Friedman (North Dakota) Maj 14-5
Champ. Round 3 B Sorensen (Iowa) over G Martinez (Grand View) Dec 5-1

T.C. Warner (Old Dominion) won by decision over Edwin Cooper (Iowa) (Dec 8-1)
Cons. Round 2 F Fabozzi (Princeton) over E Cooper (Iowa) Dec 15-12

Champ. Round 2 M Kelly (Iowa) over J Alexander (Maryland) Dec 3-1
Champ. Round 3 M Kelly (Iowa) over J Danishek (Indiana) Dec 5-2

Champ. Round 1 J Schuessler (Grand View) over M Lemanowicz (Missouri) Dec 3-2
Champ. Round 2 J Schuessler (Grand View) over S Derifield (SDS-Un) Maj 10-2
Champ. Round 3 J Schuessler (Grand View) over N Taffur (F&M – Unatta) SV-1 6-4

Champ. Round 2 N Moore (Iowa) over N Stadeker (Grand View) TF 18-3
Champ. Round 3 Nick Moore (Iowa) won by fall over Mark Mabry (Adams State) (Fall 4:18)

Champ. Round 2 N Moore (Iowa) over N Stadeker (Grand View) TF 18-3
Cons. Round 3 N Stadeker (Grand View) over T Chavez (North Dakota) Fall 4:17

Champ. Round 2 M Evans (Iowa) over D Kocer (South Dakota) Dec 10-3
Champ. Round 3 Mike Evans (Iowa) won by fall over Nick Ferraro (Chicago) (Fall 1:36)

Champ. Round 2 A Meyer (Iowa) over W Wilson (Indiana) Maj 13-2
Champ. Round 3 Frank Cousins (Wisconsin) won by decision over Alex Meyer (Iowa) (Dec 8-6)

Champ. Round 1 S Brooks (Iowa) over D Olsen (Wheaton) Fall 6:26
Champ. Round 2 Sam Brooks (Iowa) won by fall over Jayden DeVilbiss (Luther College) (Fall 2:15)

Champ. Round 1 S Siefert (UW-Whitewate) over K Klapprodt (Iowa) Dec 9-8
Cons. Round 2 K Klapprodt (Iowa) over C Kerkesner (Franklin F-M) Fall 1:32
Cons. Round 3 Kris Klapprodt (Iowa) won by decision over Matt Idelson (Columbia) (Dec 10-5)

Champ. Round 1 F Mattiace (Penn – Unatt) over P Downey (Iowa Central) Inj. 5:49
Cons. Round 2 P Downey (Iowa Central) over C Bethea (Penn) Dec 10-7
Cons. Round 3 Patrick Downey (Iowa Central) won by decision over Shane Siefert (UW-Whitewater) (Dec 6-3)

Champ. Round 2 N Burak (Iowa) over R Fitzgerald (Maryland) Fall 6:40
Champ. Round 3 Nathan Burak (Iowa) won by decision over Anthony Abro (Eastern Michigan) (Dec 6-4)

Champ. Round 2 G Hutchison (Eastern Mich) over S Stoll (Iowa) Fall 0:51
Cons. Round 3 – Sam Stoll (Iowa) won in sudden victory – 1 over Marcus Malecek (Air Force) (SV-1 3-1)

Champ. Round 2 B Telford (Iowa) over J Cochrane (Northern Ill) Fall 2:26
Champ. Round 3 Bobby Telford (Iowa) won by decision over Dan Garwood (Virginia Tech) (Dec 6-1)

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  1. Hey guys…Great listening to you. If you go to the Midlands tournament and click on the teams and then Iowa, it will show you who is the team scorers.

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