We will be posting results for the Ironman tourney on this page and I will be updating this throughout the day/weekend. You can read our previews on all four of the weights that contain wrestlers with Iowa connections here (113, 138, 145, and 160).

Also if you would like to take a broader look at the Ironman field you can go ahead and take a look at the AWP’s preview (106-145 and the 152-285). In these previews Renteria, Kemerer, and Marinelli was picked to finish second, and Turk was picked to finish fourth.

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113 – Jason Renteria – Semifinalist


RD32– 1st:Had troubles with my feed switching mats, Renteria up 4-2 (I’m assuming two takedowns, two escapes). Hits another takedown (6-2) and that’s how the first ends.
2nd: Renteria starts down, and gets his escape (7-2). Gets in on a double, switches to a single to finish (9-2) and then cuts (9-3), goes for a throw and puts Fisher on his back (14-3).
3rd:Renteria underneath again, gets escape (15-3) and takedown (17-3). Got three more back for the Technical fall 20-3.
Official Track result-Jason Renteria (Oak Park River Forest OH) 5-0 won by tech fall over DEREK FISHER (Pleasant Grove UT) 0-1 (TF-1.5 5:23 (20-3)

RD16 Champ-1st:Snap and go behind for the matches first score (2-0 Renteria), cuts his guy loose (2-1), then gives up a cheap takedown (2-3, Escape Renteria (3-3). Renteria gets in on a single and finishes, goes back on top 5-3, that’s how the first ends.
2nd:Quick escape Renteria (6-3) and he’s back on a single for another score (8-3). Renteria has about 1:20 to ride and work for a turn. They got out of bounds and Renteria cuts on a restart (8-3), in, on, another, single. Takedown machine (10-3).
3rd:Cuts his guy off the whistle (10-4), and his opponent is warned for stalling. Snaps his guy down, stuffs the head to go around for the score (12-4), cuts him (12-5). Another snap and goes around, then a cut (14-6). :40 left and he gets another and cuts again (16-7), goes for another takedown with :33, now it’s 18-8. Throws his guy with a head lock and gets the pin with :02 left!
Official Track result-Jason Renteria (Oak Park River Forest IL) 6-0 won by fall over Dimitri Pihiou (Canon-McMillan PA) 5-2 (Fall 5:59)

Official Track Result-Jason Renteria (Oak Park River Forest IL) 7-0 won by fall over Alan Hart (St. Edward OH) 37-14 (Fall 4:45)

138 – Vince Turk – Semifinalist

RD64– In the first Turk got in on a single and finished with under :40 to go, giving him a 2-0 lead. He rode out
2nd: Turk started down, got out (lead now 3-0). Just about hit a takedown on the edge. Tacks on another takedown late in the period (5-0 Turk).
3rd: They started on their feet, not much happened for most of the period. Turk got a stall point (6-0) and then hit a takedown on a restart to earn the final score of 8-0 major decision.
Official Track result-Vince Turk (Montini Catholic IL) 48-6 won by major decision over Savonne Bennette (Oak Park River Forest OH) 6-2 (MD 8-0)

RD32-1st: He’s got a guy from Franklin Regional (Kemerer’s high school) Turk hits a single right away, scores a takedown in about :15 (2-0 Turk), lets the guy up (2-1). Another single, another finish, another escape (4-2). Takedown on a go behind (6-2). Cuts him (6-3) and Turk’s guy is in deep on a single on him, but he fights it off. Gets another takedown and release to end the period (8-4)
2nd: Gets another takedown (10-4) riding with 1:36 left. Rides the rest of the period without turning him.
3rd:Turk goes underneath to start, I missed how his opponent got his 5th point when my feed started to cut out. Comes back and it’s 13-6, with Turk adding a takedown (15-6). Stall point (16-6) and the win.
Official Track result-Vince Turk (Montini Catholic IL) 49-6 won by major decision over Dan Contraguerro (Franklin Regional OH) 0-1 (MD 16-6)

RD16 Champ
Official Track result-Vince Turk (Montini Catholic IL) 50-6 won in sudden victory – 1 over David Carr (Dayton Christian OH) 6-1 (SV-1 12-10)

Quarterfinals-1st:Turk starts out strong with a takedown off a single to a double, picks up three near fall to go out 5-0), cuts his guy loose (5-1), picks up a single leg takedown (7-1) and then to a two-on-one tilt to push his lead to 9-1.
2nd:They start on their feet and Turk hits a double right away (11-1) then he cuts his opponent (11-2). Another takedown (13-2) goes for a tilt, but doesn’t get it ends the period up big.
3rd:Turk gets out from underneath, and scores a takedown and wound up with a technical fall
Official Track result-Vince Turk (Montini Catholic IL) 51-6 won by tech fall over Fred Green (Orting WA) 3-1 (TF-1.5 5:14 (18-3)

145 – Mike Kemerer – Semifinalist


RD32-1st: Takedown right away (2-0 Kemerer). Escape (2-1) double for a takedown (4-1 Kemerer). Flips his guy to his back as time expires.
2nd: Mike takes down and is out in :04 head tap and then hits a double (7-1), period ends.
3rd:Reversal Kemerer and he’s got a cradle locked up, and he got the fall
Official Track resultMichael Kemerer (Franklin Regional OH) 5-0 won by fall over Caleb Fortuna (Montini Catholic IL) 12-13 (Fall 4:38)

RD16 Champ
Official Track result-Michael Kemerer (Franklin Regional OH) 6-0 won by tech fall over Micah Kusturis (Canon-McMillan PA) 18-14 (TF-1.5 5:26 (21-5)

Quarterfinals-1st:Kemerer comes out strong with a double (2-0), cuts and then gets in on another double (4-1 Kemerer), cuts his guy (4-2), Kemerer gets taken down on the edge after the refs confer (4-4), Kemerer is out (5-4 Kemerer)
2nd:Kemerer starts on top and it looks like he is choosing to ride his guy, in the first he was looking really good on his takedowns, but since he got takendown, he has reigned it in a bit. Stall warning on Kemerer’s opponent, Kemerer has his guy broken down to his belly, just putting on a real tough ride.
3rd:Kemerer starts down, comes to his feet and is returned. Down on the mat Kemerer gets out (6-4) and then takes a shot, but it gets stalemated. A minute left Kemerer catches the ankle, his guy trying to go out of bound, Kemerer pulls him back and then finishes as his guy tries to jump away (or out) Kemerer up 8-4 and that score holds.
Official Track result-Michael Kemerer (Franklin Regional PA) 7-0 won by decision over Michael Callahan (Marmion Academy IL) 8-1 (Dec 8-4)

160 – Alex Marinelli – Semifinalist


RD32-1st:Signature double right off the bat, release and another takedown, gets his opponent on to his back and gets a fall
Offical Track result Alex Marinelli (St. Paris Graham OH) 50-2 won by fall over Chris Lake (Strongsville OH) 1-3 (Fall 0:27)

RD16 Champ
Official Track result-Alex Marinelli (St. Paris Graham OH) 51-2 won by fall over Nick Giantonio (Christiansburg VA) 5-3 (Fall 1:45)

Quarterfinals-1st:Marinelli really worked the head, and finally got to his signature move the double, but they head out of bounds. Marinelli can’t get to anything else after that 0-0 first.
2nd:Marinelli rides for a bit, but Schram (his opponent) gets out. (0-1 Schram). Marineli the only one taking shots in this match, but Schram is doing a good job of tying Marinelli up. Stall call on Schram ends (0-1)
3rd:Marinelli starts down, Marinelli gets to his feet and its tied up (1-1). Marinelli continuing to push that pace. Schram takes a shot on a reshot and gets a takedown of Marinelli, :46 left. Marinelli is out quick (2-3 Schram) and then goes to a double and but they go out and he gets a technical violation for going out (3-3) on a restart, big double by Marinelli! 5-3 win.
Official Track result-Alex Marinelli (St. Paris Graham OH) 52-2 won by decision over Benjamin Schram (Bellbrook OH) 2-1 (Dec 5-3)

160 – Colston DiBlasi

RD64– 1st: Hits a spladele for a quick 5-0 start to his match and then picked up 2 more back points (7-0 DiBlasi)
2nd:DiBlasi started on top for this period, and rode the entire time, almost got reversed at the end, but score still 7-0
3rd:DiBlasi starts down works his way to a reversal (think it was a switch) 9-0, has the leg in looking for another tilt but no luck, did get a stalling point though, wins 10-0.
Official Track resultColston DiBlasi (Park Hill MO) 45-3 won by major decision over Cody Mulligan (Saegertown PA) 0-1 (MD 10-0)

RD32-1st:Quick fall
Official Track resultColston DiBlasi (Park Hill MO) 46-3 won by fall over Anthony Blogna (Brecksville-Broadview OH) 26-12 (Fall 0:25)

RD16 Champ
Official Track result- Colston DiBlasi (Park Hill MO) 47-3 won by fall over Vince Casados (Arvada West CO) 1-2 (Fall 0:40)

Quarterfinals-1st:DiBlasi is up against Weiler, Weiler was in deep on a shot, but DiBlasi fends it off and they get a restart. DiBlasi took a shot and Weiler in deep on a reshot and the period ends 0-0
2nd:DiBlasi starts this period down, DiBlasi just about had a reversal near the edge, it’s stopped for blood time, still 0-0. DiBlasi just about switches again, but Weiler holds the leg, and finally gets the reversal (2-0 DiBlasi) , but he never had the best position and he is reversed (2-2) that’s how it ends.
3rd:DiBlasi is on top and gets out of position and is almost got reversed, but somehow managed to stay on top, it’s pretty incredible what he has managed to do. But he can’t fight fate forever and gets reversed and trails 2-4. DiBlasi gets cut, but stalls out for the win 3-4. DiBlasi heads to the backside.
Official Track result-Chris Weiler (Wyoming Seminary PA) 3-0 won by decision over Colston DiBlasi (Park Hill MO) 47-4 (Dec 4-3)

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle