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Q: Cory coach said that you came to him about the weight change this summer, what brought that on?

Clark: I just thought that I felt better and it was more my natural weight. All through high school I never really cut weight, and it was a big pain for me to cut a good chunk of weight. I felt like it was hard for me to put 100% out on the mat so I just wanted to move up a weight so that I could wrestle at my full potential.

Q: What are your thoughts now that Gilman is in the lineup, with you guys back-to-back?

Clark: Good. It’s all positive. It’s good for our team and it’s good for our lineup to have both of us in there and we can feed off each other more than we have in the past.

Q: You guys are ranked #1 in the USA Today preseason poll, how are you guys feeling about that?

Clark: We feel good about where we are as a team. I feel like we’re strong..we’re just continuing to build. I haven’t really looked at the rankings, I don’t pay much attention to that. We haven’t talked about it a lot, but being on top is where we want to be. But whether we’re on the top or ranked 5th we’re going to train the same.

Q: Is there an individual that has taken on a leadership role?

Clark: I am trying to take that role a little bit, and some of our older guys like Evans and Telford, they are definitely leaders, and we got a few other guys on the team as well. I think our starters are looked at as leaders by a lot of the guys.

Q: Is there are non-starter that you think has shown a lot of improvement?

Clark: Topher Carton, I feel like he has come a long way with his mental part of the wrestling, and there is a few other guys. I only wrestle the guys my size so it’s hard for me to say, but Topher is one that I have noticed.

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle