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Ten days ago Jeren Glosser from Eddyville-Blakesburg-Fremont verbally committed to the Iowa Hawkeyes. In a two day span the Hawkeyes picked up six recruits from across the state. I had a chance to talk with 138lb 1A State Champ Jeren Glosser about his commitment to Iowa. Glosser holds a 140-11 high school record and is projected to wrestle 141/149 pounds for the Hawkeyes.

Do you feel that Iowa recruiting is on the upward trend? 

I think that Iowa recruiting is always on an upward trend. Yes, they have recently gotten a lot of recruits but I think they always do a great job.

Who is your favorite past and current Hawkeye?

I always enjoyed watching Metcalf wrestle. I love his style and intensity.

Who are you most looking forward to wrestling in the room?

Not one particular person, I am just looking forward to the opportunity to get into the room with so many different tough wrestling partners.

What weight do you plan to wrestle this year and what weight do you plan to wrestle in college?

I’m going to either wrestle 138 or 145 this year and in college either 141 or 149.

Academics play a role in your decision?

Yes, somewhat.

What do you plan to study at Iowa?


Back to high school wrestling. Do you feel like Iowa high school students have enough opportunities to wrestle outside of Iowa during season and out of season?

I feel like during season we are very limited on the ability to wrestle out of state but out of season we have a lot more opportunities to.

What are your goals this upcoming season?

Undefeated season and repeat state champion.

If you had the opportunity to wrestle in a Who’s #1 event in Iowa against a 3A, 2A or 1A champ would you rather wrestle pre-season or after season?

After season, because my training is at its highest level then.

Anyone you would like to thank for your success?

My parents, my coaches, and my supportive school and community.