CROSS FACE will be airing tonight at 5:30 PM CT, we hope you tune in live. We will be checking the comments below during the show, so feel free to drop a question and we will answer it, LIVE! Or you can go ahead and submit questions to the inbox, crossfaceiawrestle (at) The good news is that even if you can’t make the live recording, the show is designed to still watch well any day thereafter.

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Tonight’s topic – Tony and Ross will open the show discussing Tony Ramos and Brent Metcalf’s performances at the World Championships. Following the break to answer any questions/comments we receive, Ross will ask Tony how he thinks the proposed weight changes Minnesota is rumored to be making will affect the Hawkeyes.

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By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle

5 thoughts on “CROSS FACE – EPISODE TWO”
  1. Im disappointed the way our hawks wrestled at worlds. At some point you have to have accountability. famous words.
    IDK the Iowa v MN dual is diffy to say the least Jake Short is way better than giving credit. Kroels is not the second coming of Nelson. Pffar is a lot like Sammy Brooks i, sure they will split matches this year.
    Thanks for all your work fellas
    Dr Z

    1. We will go into more depth when it is closer to the dual. I didn’t Short enough credit because we didn’t have the time to go into depth on each match. It is only Sept 11th. We will analyze the heck out of this dual in a future episode.

    2. Both Short and Pfarr proabably are closer to toss up matches (like 133). Also Evans could score bonus at 174 with no Storely and the fact that Wanzek would be on the smaller side for the weight. As already mentioned, we will go into an indepth preview once the season begins and we have a better look at lineups.

  2. I think the Dardanes going down is an easy decision. They both underperformed at nationals last year when they were up a weight. It wasn’t so much they were outweighed, just out-leveraged. Plus they have Short in the wings for 149.

    Not sure about Storley. I guess it will depend on how he feels.

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