Iowan High School Interest List

This is a list of some of the top Iowa high school wrestlers and their current list of college choices. Once a wrestler has given their verbal from this list, we will move them to this post (and this one as well if they end up staying in Iowa to wrestle). Below is the wrestler’s name, school, high school weight, and projected college weight.

(Fab 50 rankings)


#9 Bryce West – Highland Riverside, 120. Projected: 125/133
College list: Nebraska, North Dakota state, Air Force, and Virginia Tech (list)


#1 Alex Thomsen – Underwood, 126. Projected: 141/149
College list: Iowa, Ohio State, and Nebraska (list)

#2 Brody Teske – Fort Dodge, 120. Projected: 125/133
College list: Oklahoma, and more (list)

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