By Kolton Jensen (Cover photo by Cam Kramer)


The wins and losses of the placewinners look as expected. The champions averaged the most wins and it trended downward from there. 

The losses also went as expected with the champs averaging the fewest and it trending up from there.


The initial rankings came out about midway through the season. That was enough data for IAWrestle to have almost two thirds of the placewinners in their rankings. As the season progressed, and more data was considered the rankings improved to having just over 80% of the placewinners in the rankings.


As far as seeds go, they were pretty accurate. They trended in the right direction with the finalists averaging just over a two seed. The 7th place spot is slightly skewed by a 44 seed placing at 132.


Here are a few more random stats and data points regarding the rankings and seeds.


Ranking Stats
Average Rank of 1st Place 1.8
Average Rank of 2nd Place 2.5
Average Rank of 3rd Place 4.2
Highest Ranked Champion 4
Highest Initial Ranked Champion Unranked
Weights with 8 Ranked Placers 4
Most UR Placers at SIngle Weight 3
Seeding Stats
Average Place of 1st Seed 2.1
Lowest Seeded Champ 7
Lowest Placing 1 seed 6th
Weights with Top 8 Seeds Placing 1 (145)
Lowest Seeded Placer 44
Average Seed of Placer 7
Placers Above a 10 Seed 17