Iowa High School Girls Rankings #1 Breakdown

By Kolton Jensen 

IAwrestle released the first set of Iowa High School Girls Rankings on Rokfin. Since the Iowa girls state tournament is one class, I divided the state into four quadrants using I-80/I-680 for the north and south divider and I-35 as the east and west divider. This left the majority of the teams on the eastern side of the state.

With 11 weight classes for girls, that makes 110 ranked wrestlers. The large majority of these ranked wrestlers come from the NE region. This is due partially to the fact that the population of the state is higher in the NE region, but also because a majority of the schools that sponsor a girls team separate from the boys team are located in the NE region.

The top of the rankings are also dominated by the NE region. This is anchored by Waverly-Shell Rock having over a quarter of the top ranked girls.

It doesn’t stop at the top for the NE though. The NE region has over half of the top four ranked girls in the state. 

As far as grades of the ranked wrestlers, the Seniors and Juniors are tied at the top. There’s plenty of young talent too though as the underclassmen make up over a third of the rankings. 

The regions break down by class pretty similar to the rest of the graphs. It’s dominated by the NE region in all graphs but one. There are actually more freshmen ranked in the NW region than the NE. The NE region makes up for it by having over 75% of the ranked seniors!