By Kolton Jensen

I divided the state into three regions for class 3A using just west of Fort Dodge and just east of Oskaloosa as my dividing lines. This gave me a West, Central, and East region. Just based on where the majority of the population in the state is, this left the East with 30 teams, Central with 23, and West with 11. 


Although there was a change to the order, the top 10 teams in class 3A stayed the same. The West’s highest ranked team is LeMars at #31, so this graph may look like this most of the season.

Very miniscule changes to these graphs. The East region picked up one ranked wrestler and the Central lost one. 

There were no changes at the top of the rankings, so this graph stays the same as the original rankings.

The Central region maintains the advantage if you compare only the top four ranked wrestlers in each weight class. They did lose one ranking that was gained by the East. Maybe the most impressive stat on this graph is that the Central region averages 1.35 top 4 ranked wrestlers per team!

While the Central region remains dominant in the Sophomore class, it’s dead even for the Juniors. These graphs should see a lot of fluctuation with the addition of freshman in the next rankings.

This graph looks mostly the same as the only difference is the addition of two Seniors and subtraction of two Sophomores. 

Class 3A is made up of 64 teams. 15 of those teams don’t currently have a wrestler in the top 12. Waukee and Southeast Polk are tied with nine ranked wrestlers on their team for the most in Class 3A, but nine other teams have at least six ranked guys. 

3A is very top heavy as far as teams go. This year just over 40% of the ranked wrestlers are on one of the Top 10 ranked teams.