Gannon Gremmel out did his 2 seed at the Southern Scuffle. Although Iowa State did not send many starters, prior to a busy month ahead, Gremmel showed up, and showed out in McKenzie Arena to earn the heavyweight crown.

In the opening round against Owen Trephan (NCSt), he used a takedown in the first and third period, as well as earning a riding time point, to win 8-4. The round of 16 we saw Gremmel win by major decision 16-6 over Alex Esposito (Rutgers). Five total takedowns, three in the final period, were the difference makers. Two takedowns and riding time gave Gannon the win in the quarterfinals over, Lewis Fernandes (FLWC), 5-1.

The semifinal match showcased the guts, and determination Gannon possesses. Down by one point to 3 seed Cary Miller (AppSt), Gremmel secured a takedown with a second on the clock to earn his berth in the finals match.

Alright finals match,  2 seed Gannon Gremmel vs 5 seed Dalton Robertson (UNC). Gremmel counters a shot by Robertson for two; in the process Robertson tweeks his plant foot ankle and needs injury time. Trainer tapes it up and he continues. Gremmel digs an underhook, no doubt smelling blood in the water, and runs him out of bounds. Robertson, noticeably limping, goes back to the center and Gremmel scores on a snap down go-behind to make it 4-0. Northern Colorado coaches have seen enough and stop the match in the first period, Gremmel by injury default in 1:14, 2020 Southern Scuffle Champion!

Blood round results from this morning:

165- Brett Donner (Rutgers) DEC Chase Straw 3-2
184- #8 Anthony Montalvo (OkSt) DEC Julien Broderson 8-4