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The rankings are Big 12 seeds



Nick Piccininni (Oklahoma State) DEC Drake Foster (Wyoming), 10-3
Christian Moody (Oklahoma) DEC Connor Brown (South Dakota State), 5-1
Zeke Moisey (West Virginia) MD Jay Schwarm (Northern Iowa), 11-3
Taylor Lamont (Utah Valley) DEC Sean Williams (Fresno State), 10-4


Seth Gross (South Dakota State) F Issac Jiminez (Air Force), 3:50
Montorie Bridges (Wyoming) F Durbin Lloren (Utah Valley), 4:51
Kaid Brock (Oklahoma State) MD Cam Sykora (North Dakota State), 15-2
Matt Schmitt (West Virginia) DEC Rico Montoya (Northern Colorado), 9-2


Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) DEC Matt Findlay (Utah Valley), 7-2
Henry Pohlmeyer (South Dakota State) DEC Ian Parker (Iowa State), 4-2 SV
Josh Alber (Northern Iowa) MD Mike Longo (Oklahoma), 12-4
Dean Heil (Oklahoma State) DEC Christian Monserrat (West Virginia), 5-0


Max Thomsen (Northern Iowa) MD Kyler Rea (West Virginia), 9-0

Jarrett Degen (Iowa State) DEC Sam Turner (Wyoming), 8-5
Davion Jeffries (Oklahoma) DEC Khristian Olivas (Fresno State), 8-4 SV
Boo Lewallen (Oklahoma State) DEC Kyle Gliva (North Dakota State), 11-7


Clay Ream (North Dakota State) MD Zachary Moore (West Virginia), 10-2
Chase Straw (Iowa State) DEC Logan Ryan (Northern Iowa), 8-2

Luke Zilverberg (South Dakota State) DEC Justin Thomas (Oklahoma), 6-0
Archie Colgan (Wyoming) MD Alex Mossing (Air Force), 14-2


Branson Ashworth (Wyoming) DEC Nick Kiussis (West Virginia), 6-5
Andrew Fogarty (North Dakota State) TF Keilan Torres (Northern Colorado), 16-0 7:00
Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) M FOR Alex Lopouchanski (Air Force), 3-0 5:46

Demetrirus Romero (Utah Valley) DEC Dawaylon Barnes (Oklahoma), 7-5


Taylor Lujan (Northern Iowa) TF Dylan Urbach (North Dakota State), 22-7 7:00
Jacobe Smith (Oklahoma State) F Kimball Bastian (Utah Valley), 6:31

David Kocer (South Dakota State) TF Kyle Pope (Wyoming), 19-0 7:00

Yoanse Mejias (Oklahoma) DEC Michael Billingsly (Air Force), 11-7


Drew Foster (Northern Iowa) DEC Zen Ikehara (Air Force), 7-2

Keegan Moore (Oklahoma State) DEC Chaz Polson (Wyoming), 11-8
Dylan Gabel (Northern Colorado) DEC Gary Jantzer (Utah Valley), 6-0
Martin Mueller (South Dakota State) DEC Dane Pestano (Iowa State), 7-5


Preston Weigel (Oklahoma State) DEC Anthony Mclaughlin (Air Force), 9-3
Jake Smith (West Virginia) DEC Sam Colbray (Iowa State), 4-2 SV
Jacob Holschlag (Northern Iowa) MD Tanner Orndorff (Utah Valley), 11-1
Nate Rotert (South Dakota State) TF Jacob Seely (Northern Colorado), 17-2 5:59


Derek White (Oklahoma State) TF Sam Eagan (Wyoming), 17-2 3:17
Dustin Dennison (Utah Valley) MD Dan Stibral (North Dakota State), 12-4
Aj Nevills (Fresno State) DEC Alex Macki (South Dakota State), 6-3
Marcus Harrington (Iowa State) DEC Carter Isley (Northern Iowa), 3-2

First round matches


Drake Foster, Wyoming, won 12-1 over Sinjin Briggs, ISU
12 Sean Cannon UNC won 5-2 over 5 Connor Brown, SDSU
6 Jay Schwarm, UNI won by fall, 3:39, over 11 Tony DeCesare AFA 
10 Sean Williams FS won 10-6 over 7 Paul Bianchi, NDSU


8. Isaac Jiminez, AFA won 13-7 over 9 Jack Wagner, UNI
5 Matt Schmitt, WVU won 16-1 over 12 Trevor Williams FS
6. Cam Sykora, NDSU won 7-5 over 11 Markus Simmons, ISU
11 Durbin Lloren, WVU won 7-5 over 7. Jake Rubio, OU


8. Matt Findlay, UVU won by fall in 5:00 over  9 Ben Polkowske UNC
5. Henry Pohlmeyer, SDSU won by fall in 1:46 over 12 Chris De Loza FS
11 Mike Longo, OU won 9-7 over 6 Alec Opsal, AFA
7 Christian Monserrat, WVU won 9-0 over 10 McGwire Midkiff, NDSU


9 Kyle Rea, WVU won 5-4 over 8 Dane Robbins, AFA
5 Sam Turner, UW won 12-2 over 12 Colten Carlson, SDSU
6. Davion Jeffries, OU won 10-0 over 11 Jimmy Fate UNC
7 Kyle Gliva NDSU won 4-2 over 10 Matthew Matthew Ontiveros UVU


8 Zach Moore, WVU won 11-5 over  9 Greg Gaxiola, FS
5 Chase Straw, ISU won 10-3 over 12 Tristan Moran, OSU 
6. Justin Thomas, OU won 17-1 over 11 Raider Lofthouse, UVU
7. Alex Mossing, AFA won 12-5 10 Tyler Kinn UNC


8 Nick Kiussis WVU won 8-4 over 9 Skyler St. John ISU 
6 Dawaylon Barnes OU won 7-4 over 11 Logan Peterson SDSU
7 Alex Lopouchanski AFA won 4-2 in TB1 over 10 Isaiah Patton UNI


9 Dylan Urbach NDSU won 5-4 over 8 Parker VonEgidy WVU
5 Kimball Bastian UVU won 13-2 over 12 Danny Bush ISU
6 Kyle Pope UW won 12-7 over 11 Dominic Kincaid FS
7 Michael Billingsly AFA won by fall in 0:39 over  Seth Bogulski UNC


8 Zen Ikehara AFA won 5-2 over 9 Brenden McRill WVU
5 Chaz Polson UW won 18-2 over 12 Matthew Waddell OU
6 Gary Jantzer UVU won 12-5 over 11 Richie Brandt FS
7 Dane Petano ISU won  8-5 over 10 Charley Popp NDSU 


8 Anthony McLaughlin AFA won 2-1 Andrew Dizon OU
5 Sam Colbray ISU won 5-2 over Luke Paine UW
6 Tanner Orndorff UVU vs 11 Josh Hokit FS
7 Jacob Seely UNC vs 10 Cordell Eaton NDSU


8 Sam Eagan UW vs 9 Matt Wagner AFA
5 Dan Stribral NDSU vs 12 Brandon Ngati WVU
6 Alex Macki SDSU vs 11 Connor Webb OU
7 Carter Isley UNI vs Robert Winters UNC