Finals: #2 Matthew Lewis (Centerville)  vs #1 Jarod Kadel (Columbus/WMU)

3rd Place – Benjamin Schmitz of Kuemper Catholic
4th Place – Kolten Crawford of Union, La Porte City
5th Place – Keaton Zeimet of Central DeWitt
6th Place – Colby Lillegard of Bondurant-Farrar
7th Place – Jacob Mielke of Pocahontas Area Comm.
8th Place – Mason Hill of Cherokee, Washington


Finals: #2 Andrew Flora (ADM) vs #4 Nathaniel Genobana (Centerville)

3rd Place – Grayson Kesterson of Williamsburg
4th Place – Kain Luensman of Monticello
5th Place – Ryan Clark of Mount Vernon
6th Place – Brock Beck of Grinnell
7th Place – Taylor Kolthoff of SH-BCLUW
8th Place – Jason Peta of Estherville Lincoln Central


Finals: #6 Jack Gaukel (Sergeant Bluff-Luton) vs #1 Aden Reeves (Albia)

3rd Place – Jack Thomsen of Union, La Porte City
4th Place – Zeb Gnida of Solon
5th Place – Drake Doolittle of Webster City
6th Place – Caleb Fuessley of Center Point-Urbana
7th Place – Kaden Anderlik of Crestwood, Cresco
8th Place – Kurtis Krager of OA-BCIG


Finals: #1 Eric Faught (Clear Lake) vs #2 Shea Ruffridge (Pocahontas Area Comm.)

3rd Place – Kayden Kauzlarich of Centerville
4th Place – Philip Ihde of Decorah
5th Place – Jalen Schropp of Williamsburg
6th Place – Kole Hansen of Atlantic-CAM
7th Place – John Crowley of Tipton
8th Place – Morgan Rowley of Anamosa


Finals: #2 Matt Robertson (Assumption, Davenport) vs #5 Brady Fritz (South Tama County)

3rd Place – Gabe Ruepke of Chariton
4th Place – Chase Luensman of Monticello
5th Place – Jack West of Winterset
6th Place – Carson Hartnett of Webster City
7th Place – Chase McLaren of Atlantic-CAM
8th Place – Trey Lawrence of Southeast Valley, Gowrie


Finals: #1 Michael Blockhus (NHTV) vs #2 Jarrett Miller (Ballard)

3rd Place – Tanner Probasco of South Tama County
4th Place – Colby Tool of PCM
5th Place – Easton Graff of Sergeant Bluff-Luton
6th Place – Matthew Doyle of Independence
7th Place – Brennan Todd of Bishop Heelan Catholic
8th Place – Cam Rice of Columbus/WMU


Finals: #3 Ryan Steffen (Crestwood, Cresco) vs #5 Austin Rozeboom (Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley)

3rd Place – Noah Fye of NHTV
4th Place – Tanner Abbas of Clarion-Goldfield-Dows
5th Place – Klayton Keller of Saydel
6th Place – Joey Busse of Humboldt
7th Place – Mitchel Swank of Creston/O-M
8th Place – Colton Vest of South Tama County


Finals: #5 Kyler Rieck (Spirit Lake Park) vs #1 Isaac Judge (South Tama County)

3rd Place – Joe Kelly of West Liberty
4th Place – Skyler Noftsger of Ballard
5th Place – Mitchel Mangold of West Delaware, Manchester
6th Place – Zack Bevans of Solon
7th Place – Dylan Koresh of Charles City
8th Place – Justin McCunn of Red Oak


Finals: #2 Luke Hageman (Beckman Catholic, Dyersville) vs #1 Josh Ramirez (Wahlert, Dubuque)

3rd Place – Tate Battani of Ballard
4th Place – Wes Cummings of PCM
5th Place – Zach Williams of Osage
6th Place – Cavin Malloy of Williamsburg
7th Place – Colter Bye of Crestwood, Cresco
8th Place – Payton Pelke of Union, La Porte City


Finals: #2 Kolton Bartow (Wahlert, Dubuque) vs #1 Lucas Roland (PCM)

3rd Place – Noah Glaser of NHTV
4th Place – Paul Ryan of Mount Vernon
5th Place – Lincoln Coakley of Estherville Lincoln Central
6th Place – Tristan Hansmeier of Waukon
7th Place – Jack Neuhaus of West Delaware, Manchester
8th Place – Jack Sindlinger of Charles City


Finals: #2 Kyler Fisher (Southeast Valley, Gowrie) vs #1 Julien Broderson (Assumption, Davenport)

3rd Place – Thomas Bentley of Red Oak
4th Place – Ben Lee of Ballard
5th Place – Hunter Maitland of AP-GC
6th Place – Owen Grover of Beckman Catholic, Dyersville
7th Place – Dalton Rosenburg of South Tama County
8th Place – Evan Rosonke of NHTV


Finals: #1 Bryce Esmoil (West Liberty) vs #2 Cody Fisher (Woodward-Granger)

3rd Place – Nick Foss of Harlan
4th Place – Nick Smith of Central DeWitt
5th Place – Kade Hambly of Clear Lake
6th Place – Dalton Chipp of Hampton-Dumont
7th Place – Blake Anderson of OA-BCIG
8th Place – Shyler Langley of Bishop Heelan Catholic


Finals: #2 Jordan Baumler (North Fayette Valley) vs #1 Boone McDermott (Wahlert, Dubuque)

3rd Place – James Cherry of Webster City
4th Place – Dakoda Powell of Spirit Lake Park
5th Place – Tyler Anderson of OA-BCIG
6th Place – Hunter Crawford of Independence
7th Place – Areon Day of NHTV
8th Place – Lake Stahlberg of Monticello


Finals: #2 John McConkey (Atlantic-CAM) vs #5 Spencer Trenary (Clarion-Goldfield-Dows)

3rd Place – Tyler Linderbaum of Solon
4th Place – Blake Bradley of Wahlert, Dubuque
5th Place – Brendon Lunsford of Fairfield
6th Place – Kobe Clayborne of Bishop Heelan Catholic
7th Place – Blake Sevier of Creston/O-M
8th Place – Cooper Lawson of Webster City