Effective for the 2018 AAU Districts and AAU State tournaments, new weight classes will be used in the A (grades 3-4) and B (grades 5-6) divisions. The Iowa AAU wrestling committee has been looking at the size of weight classes in each of the eight AAU District sites over the past three years. In both the A and B divisions a large percentage of the wrestlers are in only a few weight classes. Many brackets in these weight classes had over 20 competitors while other weight classes often have four or less.  One weight class has been added to both the A and B division and the weight classes have been changed slightly. Just as the National Federation of High School wrestling has changed the high school weight classifications on several occasions to allow for more opportunities for high school wrestlers, we are hoping these new AAU classifications will create more opportunities for youth wrestlers. Listed below are the old and new weight classifications.

There will be NO change to the C (grades 7-8) division weight classes at this time as there is a good distribution of wrestlers in the weight classes in that division.


NEW 2017-18 AAU State Wrestling Weights
Old A New A Old B New B C–SAME
A50 50 B60 60 C70
A55 54 B65 65 C75
A60 58 B70 70 C80
A65 62 B75 74 C85
A70 66 B80 78 C90
A75 70 B85 82 C95
A80 74 B90 86 C100
A85 78 B95 90 C105
A90 82 B100 94 C110
A95 86 B105 98 C115
A100 90 B110 103 C120
A108 94 B115 108 C125
A118 98 B120 114 C130
A128 105 B130 120 C135
A140 115 B140 128 C140
A155 130 B150 138 C145
A175 150 B165 148 C152
175 B185 160 C160
B205 180 C171
HWT C189