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No JJ Everard today for UNI, which means the Panthers are down 6-0 already
The dual will start at 125 pounds.
UNI and OU are 7-7 against each other, in a series taht dates back to 1926. UNI won the last meeting (you might remember that one) 19-17 in the West Gym in 2014.

Dual Preview
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TrackWrestling Stats

#23 UNI vs Oklahoma 
125:  Jay Schwarm (UNI) vs #25 Christian Moody (OU)
1st: Schwarm comes out for UNI here, not a big surprise, but with Everard being out I thought we might see the return of Peters. And here we go. Schwarm in on a double leg right away but Moody sprawls out. Inside single from Moody and he takes Schwarm down for the T2. 2-0 Moody leads, Schwarm is up to his feet but Moody just kind of hangs around the waste and drags him back down, they go OOB. Restart, Schwarm turns but Moody puts in a claw, Schwarm to his feet again and he gets up and out, 2-1. Inside single from Moody and he puts Schwarm down for another T2. Schwarm to his feet and gets out, no E point yet but Schwarm has a leg but nearly gets caught and put on his back, no NF awarded. It’s 4-1 45 seconds left. E1 for Schwarm as Moody just cuts him. 20 left, they tie up, Moody has an underhook in, but that’s it.

2nd: Moody down to start, he’s up to his feet while Schwarm works a cross body and brings him back down, they roll and a NF is kind of close, but nothing. Again they roll and Schwarm has Moody in a tilt for NF points but the official only gets to 1, and Moody gets a R2 out of it. And he has a cradle locked up and gets the NF2, but he doesn’t break the cradle so it’s 6-2 at this point, but Moody still has teh cradle locked and now rolls it through again, 18 seconds left but Schwarm bridges nicely and they go OOB. 10-2. Restart, no E1 for Schwarm and we go to the 3rd

3rd: Schwarm down to start, Moody sucks him back, nothing, Moody with a claw, he’s riding tough here, Schwarm has a leg but can’t get anything going with it, and Moody lets him up, 10-3. Shot by Moody stall warning on Schwarm, and Moody works around for a T2. 12-3 he leads. Schwarm with a late E1, but he falls.

Match Score: Moody wins 13-4
Team score: OU leads 4-0

133: #11 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Trae Blackwell (OU)
1st: Alber looks to get things turned around for UNI. Clock’s not working so we have to reset. 2:50 left on the clock now as we restart, Blackwell with a front headlock, Alber backs out of that, but Blackwell right back in with it, brings Alber down and Alber forced a bad shot there, nothing though. And now there’s people in my way..grrrrr. Alber tries a go by and gets the T2 on the edge of the mat! 2-0 He leads OOB restart. Blackwell down, he’s to his feet and Alber returns him, Blackwell with a switch, that doesn’t work, Alber with a half, riding forward very well. now Blackwell to his feet, but Alber brings him back down and now has RT. RT on the clock gets stuck every once in a while here, that’s annoying. Blackwell hits a switch OOB. Blackwell down to start, 34 seconds left in the period. Caution on Alber, he looks surprised. Blackwell to his feet and Alber brings him back down again, works a cross body briefly, then switches to a claw, Blackwell to his feet but can’t get out, and that’s the first.

2nd: Alber down to start, Blackwell with forward pressure of his own, he’s really high though but he’s keeping Albers head on the mat and he nearly rolls Alber over but not quite. and there Alber gets up and out, 3-0 he leads. Shot from Blackwell, again, nothing either time. Shot from Blackwell but Alber blocks that off nicely, and they go OOB, stalling on Blackwell. Restart, Blackwell again to the front headlock which brings Alber back down to the mat but and OU wants stalling but no call, and we go to the third.

3rd: Blackwell goes neutral to start, he tries that front headlock again but Alber nearly gets in two underhooks but not quite. Alber with a a GREAT firemans carry for the T2! That was textbook. 5-0 he leads. Alber rolls and goes OOB. Restart, Alber with a half and I assume will try to roll him again, but he flattens Blackwell out, Schwab wants stalling on Blackwell, as he’s just on his belly. Alber working to get the turn but can’t get anywhere, Schwab and crowd want stalling but no call, oh there it is, 6-0 and there’s the buzzer

Match Score: Alber wins 6-0
Team score: OU 4-3.

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Mike Longo (OU)
1st: With Peters and Everard out this is a big match that Hodges needs to pick up. He hasn’t seen the mat in a while, so we’ll see how he does. They come out quickly, Hodges with a single leg try, nothing, and now Longo in on an outside single and he elevates and…Hodges does a good job staying up, then fighting out of it but can’t quite stay out of it. T2 for Longo 2-0. They eventually work OOB. UNI bench wants a locked hands call, but nothing. Restart, Longo riding tough with both legs in and flattens Hodges out, really working an arm but Hodges gets up and out and the officials say they’re OOB after Hodges gets out thats a REALLY questionable call. Schwab giving it to the assistant official. Restart, Hodges tries to roll through but can’t get anywhere, and Longo rides him out. 2-0 to the 2nd.

2nd: Longo down to start, he’s out in about 15 seconds and in on a single leg, Hodges rolls through and UNI wants a T2 but no call, then Longo rolls through and gets a T2 of his own. 5-0. Longo works another arm and gets Hodges over for the NF4, so it’s 9-0 but Hodges does a good job rolling though and we stalemate. Restart, Hodges sits, but Longo rolls him back through, and we go to the third.

3rd: Hodges on top to start, and he nearly gets Longo over but Longo nearly hits a cow catcher but Hodges drives into him and nearly turns him, but then Longo rolls through and gets the R2, and now he gets the NF4, and that’s it 15-0.

Match Score: Longo wins 15-0
Team score: OU leads 9-3

149: #8 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #16 Davion Jefferies (OU)
1st: Come out, headtaps mostly to start, Thomsen ties a front headlock and Jefferies nearly throws him by. Thomsen recovers and we reset. Thomsen with a heavy right hand, and again. Jefferies works a two on one, nothing. Then Thomsen sets up a high crotch with a snap down and gets to the leg, now he’s working hte single leg, brings it up but can’t quite get there, and we have a PD as Jefferies’ knee was at a weird angle. Restart, more heavy right hands from Thomsen, he wants to bring Jefferies down to the mat, Jefferies with overhoooks in, but can’t really get anywhere with it, and that’s the first.

2nd: Blood time for Thomsen before we start. Jefferies down to start, Thomsen rides forward but Jefferies is up and out, 1-0 he leads. Jefferies with a shot, nothing as Thomsen puts in an underhook. Stalemate, restart, Thomsen with a single leg and works forward but there’s a stalemate again. That’s questionable. Jefferies with an outside singe, and Thomsen has a wizzer in but Jefferies gets around him for the T2. Wow. Thomsen rolls and gets the E1 eventually, so it’s 3-1 and we stalemate again. Restart. Jefferies looks a lot taller than Thomsen does but he’s not, and that’s the period.

3rd: Thomsen down to start, he rolls and nearly gets caught but no counts. Thomsen rolls though and catches Jefferies around the body, but Jefferies rolls THAT through and gets the NF4 as Thomsen is on his back and just barely avoids the fall. Schwab challenges a locked hands that takes forever to get addressed because the official is letting them go as Thomsen gets the E1. As it stands now it’s 9-3 with 1:12 left. But they’re reviewing. The call on the mat stands. So we restart, Thomsen comes out with a right hand again, he’s pushing forward hard, 1 minute left. Thomsen nearly gets caught in a Jefferies single leg but he’s fine. Jefferies with a go-by but Thomsen locks in on a single leg and we stalemate. 16 seconds left. Restart, Thomsen with a single leg but can’t finish before time runs out.

Match Score: Jefferies 7-2
Team score: OU leads 12-3

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs #10 Clark Glass (OU)
1st: Alright time for a major upset. Glass with a shot, Moore blocks it off nicely and works into him but nothing. Moore with a front headlock, but they fight out of it. Tap from Glass, Shot from Moore, reshot by Glass and he’s nearly in for a T2 as Moore is on his butt and there Glass covers but no T2 awarded that’s weird, Glass elevates and puts Moore down for the T2, 2-0. Glass riding tough, works an arm and is trying to turn Moore but Moore’s doing a good job of staying flat, PD is called as Moore’s shoulder was at a funny angle. Restart, caution on Glass. Restart again and Glass moved early but no call. And that’s the first.

2nd: Glass down to start, looked like another caution on him but again no call. Moore rides tough with a claw but gives up his arm and Glass gets to his feet and gets out. 3-0. Glass with a shot, too far away, he’s got blood all over the back of his singlet, not sure where from though. High crotch from him, and another shot try by him and they go OOB, stalling on Moore. Restart, Moore with a shot, too far away, 30 seconds left. snap down by Glass, nothing, and that’s it.

3rd: They go neutral to start, shot by Glass, nothing, Moore works foward and nearly pushes Glass OOB but not quite, not Moore with a front headlock but Glass clears it and we reset. shot again by Moore, nothing. Glass ties him up, shot by him, Moore does a good job blocking him off and we rest again. Schwab wants Moore to go. Shot by Moore, nothing, front headlock by Glass, That looked illegal to me. Stalemate, restart, and that’s it.

Match Score: Glass wins 3-0
Team score: OU leads 15-3

165: #10 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs #20 Yoanse Mejas (OU)
1st: Alright UNI needs a sweep of the next four to pull out a win. That starts with Steiert right now. Tie up, Steiert with a snap, nothing. Steiert tries a go by, Mejas stays with him. Steiert with a snap to a single leg, Mejas locks around the body but Steiert able to elevate and Mejas comes out the backdoor and they scramble, both stand and Steiert hits a firemans carry but Mejas gets out and around for a T2. and Steiert is up and out 2-1. Mejas with a move that I completely missed and Steiert is on his back, he fights but Mejas gets the fall.


Match Score: Mejas wins by fall in 2:03
Team score: OU leads 21-3

174: #13 Taylor Lujan  (UNI) vs DaWaylon Barnes (OU)
1st: Lujan still has tape on his left shoulder. I am simply stunned with how UNI is looking today. Anyway, start of the match, Lujan works forward, tries to tie up with Barnes but he’s moving backwards quickly. Eventually they go OOB and Barnes gets hit with a stall call. Restart, and Barnes hits a go by, and gets around Lujan, lifts him and brings him down for two. 2-1 on the quick E1 by Lujan. Lujan with an ankle pick and ties up the legs for a T2 on the edge, 3-2 he leads. Lujan works Barnes flat, then Barnes gets to his feet but Lujan returns him hard to the mat, and that’s the period.

2nd: Lujan goes down to start, Barnes changes sides for his ride, but Lujan rolls and gets out and gets another point for the locked hands, it’s 5-2 Lujan now. Schwab was unhappy with something, not sure what. They tie up again, Barnes with another go by and gets around Lujan and elevates but Lujan rolls through right on the edge and Lujan forces Barnes’s head down and gets around on top for his own T2! That was nice, 7-2 Lujan. Restart. Barnes gets up and out, 7-3. Snap from Barnes, nothing, tie up, Lujan not really caring that he’s giving up the inside. Big left hand from Barnes as the period closes.

3rd: Caution Barnes, OU is unhappy with that. Barnes is up and out quickly, Lujan still has RT, but it’s 7-4. They tie up and Barnes is literally jogging backwards, no calls of course. Lujan with an outside single and covers for the T2. he cuts him and it’s 9-5 with 1 min left. Lujan not really looking for anything here though, but there he hits a duck under and gets the T2, 11-5, E1, and another T2 for Lujan and a stall warning on Reed and Lujan lets Reed go on the edge as Barnes simply stands up and backs OOB and no stall call but he gets the E1. That’s nonsense. Another T2 from Lujan on the restart and that’ll be it, the final is 17-7.

Match Score: Lujan wins, 17-7
Team score: OU leads 21-7.

184: #14 Drew Foster (UNI) vs Matt Reed (OU)
1st:  Right away Foster with a T2! I missed what happened I was updating Twitter. E1 for Reed and we go OOB. Restart, shot from Foster, nothing, OOB again. Restart, Single leg from Foster and he just forces his way through Reed’s block to get the T2 on the edge! 4-1 he leads. OOB restart, caution on Reed. Caution again on Reed. Hot sure what the problem is there. Restart, Foster with forward pressure in his claw ride, Reed gets up but Foster trips him back down, now Reed on his belly, Foster trying to do antyhing to get him up, but can’t because Reed is just laying there. Fans noticed, they’re yelling, Foster working an arm bar, but can’t get anywhere with it. They’ve bene in the same spot for about 45 seconds with no call at all, and that’s the first.

2nd: Foster down to start, he leads 4-1. He switches right away, but Reed stays with him, Foster keeps scooting and gets the R2 as Reed goes too high, 6-1. Stall on Reed nearly right away. Foster with a tough claw again, but Reed to his base, to his feet, and gets the E1, 6-2. Shot fake from Foster that didn’t fool anyone, and we reset. Tie up, shot from Foster, nothing, snap from Foster, 20 seconds left in the period. headfake from Foster, and another shot from Foster but Reed blocks him off, and that’s it.

3rd: Reed down to start, riding with that claw again, he almost switches up the ride, but thinks again and goes back to it. Reed has his head on the mat and isn’t really doing anything, and they go OOB. Restart, crowd wants another caution on Reed but no call and he’s up and out, pretty much because of the caution, 6-3. They stalk each other again, Foster takes a pair of shots that draws another stall for Dixon 7-3 and Foster hits a T2 at the end.

Match Score: Foster wins 10-3
Team score: OU leads 21-10

197: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs #19 Brand Johnson (OU)
1st: Last match of the day. They tie up right away, Johnson heavy on Holschlag’s head, he makes a bad attempt at a leg and they go down to the mat. Nothing there as they both kind of back out. Johnson with another headlock, and we stalemate there. Johnson with an inside single off the restart but Holschlag holds onto a leg and they roll, but Johnson stays behind him and now has a single leg but Holschlag drapes over the back, Johnson looking to come out the backdoor, still no points and we stalemate. Wow good scrambling by Holschlag there. Restart and Holschlag with a QUICK go-by for a T2, now he’s on top, up 2-0 and has both legs in but can’t really make anything happen and we stalemate. Caution on Johnson, OU bench unhappy. Holschlag rides but too high and Johnson nearly gets out but Holschlag does a GREAT job of following him, and nearly rolls him through for NF points but can’t hold him down long enough, then Johnson gets up and out, so it’s 2-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Johnson down to start, Holschlag with a claw and suckback right away, Schwab and the arean want NF points but none and then Holschlag hits a tilt for a NF4, 6-1 he leads! Another tilt and that’s close to points but only gets a one count, Johnson flat on his belly now as Holschlag works with both legs in, Johnson to his base, now to his feet as Holschlag holds on like a Koala bear, and we stalemate. OU moved again on the restart, no call. He rolls and Lujan goes with him, again with the roll, nothing though and we go to the 3rd.

3rd: Holschlag goes on top to start, good choice by him. That should be a caution onHolschlag but no call. Wow.Holschlag with both legs in but Johnson to his base and nearly swims up to getHolschlag off butHolschlag’s head is in the way, and now the official starts counting for some reason, and Lujan just gives up on it, and then Johnson with a T2 on the edge and E1, and it’s 8-5Holschlag. Johnson with nearly another on the edge but we restart. Restart, Johnson with a high crotch and Holschlag drapes over the back, 25 seconds left and Johnson can’t finish as Holschlag has him tied up and they roll through in a kind of weird spot, 5 seconds left and they roll again but time runs out andHolschlag scores the upset!!

Match Score: Holschalg wins 8-5
Team score: OU 21-13

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs #16 Ross Larson (OU)
1st: Ross will win by forfeit.

Match Score: Ross by forfeit
Final Team score: OU wins, 27-13