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Pre-Match Notes: Starting tonight off at 125 pounds!

Dual Preview

#5 Virginia Tech University vs #17 Northern Iowa

125: #2 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs #3 Joey Dance (VT)
1st:Both guys go through a feeling-out process, Peters fights off an early shot by Dance, but Peters is in on a knee deep single leg but Dance goes to his knees and they stall out. 1:50 left restart. Peters with a two on one, but Dance tries a go by and gets around, lifts Peters up and back down for the T2. He leads 2-0 one minute left. Dance rides him OOB. Restart. Caution on Dance. Peters rolls, nothing, now Dance sucks him back for back point, he gets a NF2, and the crowd is not happy about it but it’s a good call, and Peters gets out so it’s 4-1. Restart, Peters with a shot, nothing, again but there’s not enough time, to the second.

2nd: Peters is on top to start, he’s up and out quickly, 5-1 Peters trails. Now Dance with a single leg and there’s a T2 of his own, Dance cuts him and it’s 7-5. Peters with a deep underhook in but can’t do anything with it and they go OOB. Restart, Dance with a nice drag, but nothing, Peters with a go-by, nothing. Peters with a single leg, nothing. 30 seconds left in the 2nd. Peters with another two on one but he can’t make anything happen from there, and that’s the period.

3rd: Peters is down to start, Dance has 46 seconds of RT. Peters goes down off the whistle, but then is up and Dance lifts and returns him, he has RT now. Peters flat on his belly, now to his base, now to a tripod, now to his feet, Dance lifts and returns again. Dance all but pushes Peters OOB as he stands up again, no call. Restart, Dance with another caution, now Peters with a caution. 1:13 left Peters down 7-2, Dance lets him up it’s 7-3, Dance with a shot, Peters with a reshot can’t get deep enough, Peters heavy on the head, now to double underhooks, now Dance is down and THATS TWO!!! BUT NO CALL! WOW 22 seconds left as they go OOB. Peters favoring his knee pretty heavily as they go off the mat…that’s not good.

Match Score: Dance wins 8-3.
Team score: 3-0 VT

133: #14 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Dom Latona (VT)
1st: Alright sorry, updating Twitter, they feel each other out for a while too, and now Alber in on a deep single leg and he nearly has Latona on his back! They roll there for a while as EVERYBODY wants NF points, but nothing  is scored. Stalemate restart. AND ALBER HAS DOUBLE HAS DOUBLE UNDERHOOKS AND GETS THE FALLLL!!!!!!! HOLY COW!!!!


Match Score: Alber fall 2:47
Team Score: UNI leads 6-3

141: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Dennis Gustafson (VT)
1st: That’s as loud as I’ve ever heard this place. They tie up, Gustafson tries a shot, nothing, Hodges with a reshot, nothing. Gustafson witha  deep single leg, he has it elevated and is trying to trip hiim down but can’t get him and they go OOB, challenge by Dresser no call. restart and I can’t even describe what happened, Gustafson had a single leg and took Hodges down but they roll several times and then Gustafson is hit for stalling. it’s 2-0 and now 2-1 after and E1. And nwo Hodges is in on a single, but he cant finish. OOB restart and we go to the second.

2nd:Hodges is down to start, he’s up and out, 2-2 RT not a factor. Gustafson with a lazy snap down but he connects on a double leg but can’t quite finish and there he gets around for the T2 as Mike Zadick loses his mind on the officials. Hodges is up and out but not before giving up RT, it’s 4-3 and Hodges is in on a single leg on the edge but can’t quite finish and they stalemate. Restart and Hodges in on another single leg but Gustafson is too good and sprawling, he circles around for two, Hodges up and out, 6-4 and Gustafson is in on anther single but can’t finish before time runs out. 6-4 to the third.

3rd: Gustafson down to start, Hodges trying for a suck-back but Gustafson just sits out, and it’s 7-4. Hodges with a snap, nothing, another shot, nothing, Gustafson is too good at staying back. Now Gustafson connects with a double leg and nearly takes Hodges to his back but just for one, it’s 9-4 under a minute left. Stall on Hodges as they go OOB. 29 seconds left. Restart, caution Gustafson, Hodges to a tripod, now up, now he turns and he’s out, tries another shot but Gustafson too fast, good defense by Hodges though and that’s the match.

Match Score: Gustafson wins 10-5
Team score: Tied at 6

149: #15 Max Thomsen (UNI) vs #6 Solomon Chishko (VT)
1st: Thomsen with a shot, he’s in on a high crotch but can’t finish, and we restart. They tie up, snaps from Chishko, a fan yells at Zadick to sit down, he actually listens. Thomsen with a twon on one, nothing. They tie up, Chishko with a go-by, nothing. They both shoot at once, nothing, Chishko with a two on one, they clear though. Thomsen stalks him back to the middle, Chishko with a snap down, can’t get Thomsen to move though adn he bails. 30 seconds left and Chishko with an outside ankle pick and Thomsen has no choice but to go down, but he’s back up and it’s 2-1 as we go to teh 2nd.

2nd: Chishko goes down to start, and Chishko moved but no call, geez. Chishko with a switch and he’s out. 3-1 RT not a factor. Thomsen with a shot but he’s too far away and can’t finish, stalemate. Thomsen with a fake, nothing, tie up and now Chishko with a snap and double leg for the T2, that was a nice shot. Stalemate as Chishko fixes his headgear, 1:03 left. Thomsen up to his feet, Chishko lets him out, it’s 5-2. Chishko with a hand pass and gets in deep, he can’t finish though and we restart, Thomsen in on a deep shot again but Chishko fights it off very well and we go to the third

3rd:West Gym crowd comes alive for Thomsen here, he’s down to start, and he’s almost up but Chishko brings him back down, and Chishko is below the waste and there’s no count he held him there for over 30 seocnds!!! And a tilt try from Chishko now but no points, Chishko FINALLY moves up but Thomsen can’t do antyhing, he’s on his belly on teh edge and they go OOB. 5-2 he trails and Chishko has RT. Restart, Thomsen up again but Chishko just hangs on and he gets dinged for stalling finally, 35 seconds left, restart, Thomsen can’t get out though as Chishko has a wrist and is trying to work him over, he can’t get there though and that’s it.
Match Score: 6-2 Chishko
Team score: Vtech leads, 9-6

157: Paden Moore (UNI) vs #16 Sal Mastriani (VT)
1st:Mastriani with a nice high crotch and gets a T2 and nearly puts Moore in trouble on his back, but he fights forward and flattens up, now he gets up and out 2-1. They hand fight and Paden with a really nice shot on the edge and that’s two but no! Mastriani fights out well and no points. They center, andMastriani hits a single leg and gets the T2. Mastriani with Moores right knee kocked up and tilts him over for a NF4, and just like that it’s 8-1. Moore fights out, to his base, but they go OOB. Restart. Moore takes injury time on his ankle, he appears to be fine as we restart. Mastriani goes down as it’s his choice after the injury time, and Paden rides him out. Restart, caution on Mastriani, and Moore moved early there but no call. Mastriani fighting hard to get out before time runs out, but can’t get there. We go to the third.

2nd: Moore down to start, he’s up and out, it’s 8-2. They tie up, Moore looks a lot like his brother out there, which makes sense I suppose. Mastriani with a nice reshot and connects on a single leg as he tries to put Moore on his back but he gets the T2 and nearly works a crossface to a pin, but Moore belly’s out. Mastriani has Moore’s ankle again and works him over, but Moore fights off hard, Mastriani gets the NF4 though again and it’s 14-2.

3rd: Mastriani down to start, he’s up and out and takes Moore down again for the tech fall.

Match Score:17-2
Team score: Vtech leads 14-6

165: #12 (157) Bryce Steiert vs Mike Ciavarro (VT)
1st: Alright here we go, Steiert’s first action at 165 pounds. They tie up to start, Ciavarro is a little more active than I would have guess. Steiert looks a full head shorter than Ciavarro, that’s weird. Steiert with a low single leg, he elevates, Ciavarro fights it off, elevates again, Ciavarro doing a really nice job of fighting but then Steiert just can’t finish, they’re side by side now, Ciavarro with a deep whizzer in but Steiert does a great job of fighting and gets behind him for the T2. E1 as Steiert just lets him up, Ciavarro with a shot in deep but Steiert fights him off well. Steiert with a blast double, can’t finish, and he nearly catches him but can’t finish and they ceter again and Steiert with anther single leg and gets the T2 and nearly has him turned for NF points but can’t quite get there. Ciavarro is on his belly as Steiert works hard to get him to do ANYTHING but no call….same….and there he’s getting a half in but time runs out. steiert leads 4-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Ciavarro down to start he’s up and out, RT not a factor, now Ciavarro in on a deep single leg but Steiert crosses him and fights him off good job by Steiert there as Ciavarro was in deep. They center, Ciavarro with an ankle pick from a mile away, Steiert rolls through and grabs Ciavarro ankle and we restart.Steiert with a blast double but Ciavarro blocks it wiht his face, Steiert comes right back with a snap down-go by and bellys Ciavarro out for two! Stall on Ciavarro as he’s on his belly not doing anything at all. Steiert has RT and it’s 6-2. 15 seconds left in teh period as Ciavarro tries to kcik away but Steiert follows him and that’s the period.

3rd: Steiert is down to start, he sits out and stands up for the E1, he leads 7-2 with RT. They tie up again, Ciavarro with another deep single leg but Steiert is draped over the back and fights out for his own T2, 9-2 and he has RT. Steiert works a knee and is trying to tilt him over but Ciavarro just bellys out again. Warning on him again and it’s 10-2. Ciavarro to his feet and he’s out, 10-3. Ciavarro with an outside single and Steiert just kind of sits there….Steiert rolls into him as time expiers and it ends 11-3.

Match score: Steiert wins 11-3
Team score:14-10

174: Taylor Lujan (UNI) vs #2 Zach Epperly (VT)
1st: Epperly with a single leg right away but Lujan takes a full 30 seconds to fight out of it that was a really nice job by him, but then Epperly with a snapdown and ankle pick but again Lujan does a good job fighting out but they call a T2! WOW I disagree with that. E1 for Lujan and he’s in on a double leg and rolls through for a T2 and SHOULD BE GETTING BACKS but no call, E`1 for Epperly and they scramble again and Epperly IS ON HIS BACK NOW but NO call WOW!!!!! You ahve to be kidding me with that no call. No points scored here it’s 3-3 and they stalemate out. Restart and Epperly gets in on a shot and naerly has Lujan on his back but nothing and time runs out.

2nd: Lujan starts down, he tripsods, switches and out but nearly gets caught in a cow catcher but they both stand up, whoa. And Lujan hits a REALLY nice duck under for a T2 and they roll and again that’s really close to NF’s but  no call. 6-4 Lujan leads, Epperly wtih a shot but Lujan rolls though and comes out on top of Epperly as the Hokie is in on a deep single leg but Lujan is trying to roll though again and he does and nearly gets the T2 but can’t get around him Epperly is too slippery and he circles aroudn for a T2 of his own and nobody likes that call but Schwab doesn’t challenge it and he gets warned. Wait theres the challenge but Frost isn’t letting him have it now!! WHATS THAT ABOUT!?!? To the 3rd.

3rd: Epperly down to start he stands up but Lujan returns him hard to the mat. Lujan gets way too high though and Epperly just shrugs him off for the E1. Epperly with an outside single and if Lujan can cirlce here he’ll get an E1. Lujan tries a lift again but can’t get anthing…now Epperly rolls though and nearly gets Lujan on his back but nothing, and this hsould have stalemated a long time ago, but of course not. Epperly does a good job pushing through and gets the the T2. Lujan to his feet and Epperly just holding on and that’s the stall call but Lujan can’t get in for a final T2 so it ends.

Match score: Epperly 9-7
Team score: 17-10

184: Jacob Holschlag (UNI) vs #10 Zach Zavatsky (VT)
1st: Alright so I missed quite a bit trying to update the Twitter. Holschlag was in on a nice go-by, but when Zavatsky was on the mat Holschlag wasn’t all the way behind him, so no points, and then Zavatsky stood up wtih Holschlag behind him, Zavatsky rolled through and caught Holschlag with a crossface and scored a T2. Holschlag got up and out, Zavatsky hit another T2 and an esacape, and another T2 as the period ended, so it’s 6-3.

2nd: Holschlag on top to start, but he gets WAY to high and Zavatsky shrugs him off and gets the R2. 8-3 as Holschlag gets a warning for stalling on bottom. Zavatsky working a leg and power half, but we stalemate. Zavatsky lets him up on the restart, 8-4. They tie up, Zavatsky with a really nice ankle pick and he gets low enough to switch to a double but Holschlag sits out and time runs out.

3rd: I’d go neutral here, but Holschlag goes down to start, Zavatsky rides tough, bringing Holschlag to the mat once before letting him go. Zavatsky has RT locked. Zavatsky with another low ankle but Holschlag jumps out of the way and nearly lands full on Zavatsky. Holschlag with a nice headlock and low ankle pick for a T2, and it’s 8-7, under a minute left though, and Holschlag has a cradle locked up but they go OOB. 40 seconds left. Zavatsky stands up but Holschalg sucks him back but can’t quite get him over for NF’s, I don’t like that strategy at all, and that’s the period.

Match score: Zavatsky wins, 9-7
Team score: 20-10

197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs #3 Jared Haught (VT)
1st: They’re mostly just feeling each other out, no real shots or anything. Oh and then Haught hits a blast double and puts Bartel down for two. 2-0 OOB restart. Bartel up right away and gets out, it’s 2-1. Snap from Bartel but he misses on an ankle pick. Bartel with another snap and really messes Haught up and Bartel tries to get around him but can’t quite get there, no other action and we go to the 2nd.

2nd: Bartel is down to start, Haught with a caution. Haught with a claw ride trying to suck Bartel back but he gets up and out and it’s 2-2. Haught with a couple snaps, Bartel with a couple, no real shots though. They hand fight, Bartel with an outside single try but can’t quite get there, Haught with a front headlock but he just throws Bartel away. Haught with another snap, nothing Bartel resets, another snap from Haught, Haught with a lot of pressure there on Bartel’s throat at the end, and we go to the third.

3rd: Haught down to start, he’s up and out quickly, Bartel with a double leg try but Haught sprawls out, circles and is behind Bartel but they go OOB before points can be scored. Smart move by Bartel there as he gramby’d OOB. Haught with a double leg try but he cross-faces him and Haught is forced to give up but then a single leg by Haught puts bartel down and it’s 5-2 with 30 seconds left. Haught has a wrist and now has RT, but can’t get anything else going, and that’s it.

Match score: 6-2 Haught wins
Team score:23-10

285: JJ Everard (UNI) vs #3 Ty Walz (VT)
1st:Everard comes out with a single leg try, really a nice shot by him and they roll around for 45 seconds, wow crazy scramble there, but they stalemate out eventually. Restart and Walz comes out with a snapdown and ankle pick and he gets a T2, 2-0 he leads. Walz tries to work him over but Everard isn’t going anywhere, he stands up and it’s 2-1. Tie up, break, Walz with a head fake, nothing. Walz with an ankle pick from a mile away and connects again, and Everard tries to roll out of it but Walz is right there and on top for the T2, it’s 4-1 to the 2nd.

2nd: Everard is down to start, which I might not have done, but I’m not out there. Everard gets up and out for the E1, it’s 4-2 but Walz has RT. Walz with a high-c try, Everard is warned for stalling, Walz connects on a single leg for a T2, 6-2 he leads, Walz working the arm trying to get him over but that doesn’t work, Everard gets up and out, 6-3. And another T2 and E1, and another T2 and I missed something somewhere, as it/s 11-4 going to the 3rd.

3rd: Walz down to start, he’s up and out right away, it’s 12-4. Everard with a shot but nothing and now Walz with a reshot, he’s got a single leg, tries to switch to a double but Everard ends up on top of him but we stalemate. Restart, Walz with an outside single and to a double and that’s a T2, stall on Everard makes it 15-4. OOB Restart. Everard up and out, Walz with a shot again though, T2, 17-5, OOB. Optional start from Walz, it’s 17-6, Everard with a shot, but nothing, Walz has a relentless pace though and circles in, and gets a T2 but Everard goes down hard on his knee and he yells out. It’s 19-6 and that’s the final

Match score: 19-6
Final Team score: 27-10