UNI’s head wrestling coach Doug Schwab was a part of a softball fund raiser this past week, with fans pledging donations based on the performance of several notable Panthers taking their swings in a Hit-a-thon. As most wrestling fans know, a wrestler will always answer the call of a challenge.

That’s what Schwab did. Mashing a 364 foot homerun, which was the furthest on the day.

Watch Schwab smash his homerun:

Fans could pledge a certain amount per foot. Schwab was a big money winner and as his wife, Allyson, pointed out, he did it all while wearing khakis:

The Hit-a-thon helped raised money for the UNI softball team. Other coaches such as UNI’s football and basketball coach also partook in the fun.

Also one more GIF of that pure swing:


By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle