A look at the 2015 Night of Conflict competitors and how each wrestler performed at their respective state tournaments. Fargo accomplishments in parenthesis.

Wrestlers in bold won their bouts.

Match # Team Metcalf Team Ramos
1 Jarrett Degen 1st – 4xer (Fargo AA) Carter Happel 1st – 4xer (Fargo AA)
2 Justin Stickley 2nd Josh Portillo 1st
3 Dylan Prince 2nd Ethan Andersen 2nd
4 Cody Phippen 1st (Fargo AA) Kyle Biscoglia 1st
5 Rachel Watters District qualifier (Fargo National Champion) Morgan Becker 7-6 Varsity record
6 Gannon Gremmel 1st (Fargo National Champion) Zach Muller 6th (Fargo AA)
7 Aden Reeves 3rd (Fargo AA) Justin Portillo 1st
8 Kaleb Young 1st Colton Clingenpeel 1st (Fargo AA)
9 Drew West 1st Gabe Townsell 3rd (Fargo AA)
10 Kanen Storr 1st (Fargo runner-up) Ryan Leisure 1st
11 Max Murin 1st (Fargo AA) Brock Rathbun 1st
12 Alex Thomsen 1st (Fargo AA) Cole Manley 3rd
13 Brody Teske 1st (Fargo runner-up) Louie Hayes 1st
14 Jack Wagner 1st Jason Renteria 1st
15 Micky Phillippi 1st  (Wrestled Happel)
16 Alex Marinelli 1st – 4xer Drew Hughes 1st


2015 Night of Conflict Results

142.1 – Jarret Degen (Team Metcalf) over Carter Happel (Team Ramos) Dec 9-5
120.1 – Justin Stickley (Team Metcalf) over Josh Portillo (Team Ramos) Dec 3-0
220 – Ethan Andersen (Team Ramos) over Dylan Prince (Team Metcalf) Fall 1:34
106 – Kyle Biscoglia (Team Ramos) over Cody Phippen (Team Metcalf) Dec 4-2
Women’s – Morgan Becker (Team Ramos) over Rachel Watters (Team Metcalf) Fall
285 – Gannon Gremmel (Team Metcalf) over Zach Muller (Team Ramos) Fall 2:45
113.1 – Justin Portillo (Team Ramos) over Aden Reeves (Team Metcalf) Dec 6-4
160.1 – Kaleb Young (Team Metcalf) over Colton Clingenpeel (Team Ramos) Fall 2:59
126.1 – Drew West (Team Metcalf) over Gabe Townsell (Team Ramos) Inj 1:12
138 – Kanen Storr (Team Metcalf) over Ryan Leisure (Team Ramos) Dec 5-3
126.2 – Max Murin (Team Metcalf) over Brock Rathbun (Team Ramos) Dec 6-2
120.2 – Alex Thomsen (Team Metcalf) over Cole Manley (Team Ramos) Maj 20-8
113.2 – Louie Hayes (Team Ramos) over Brody Teske (Team Metcalf) Dec 9-8
120.3 – Jason Renteria (Team Ramos) over Jack Wagner (Team Metcalf) Dec 7-5
142.2 – Micky Phillippi (Team Metcalf) over Carter Happel (Team Ramos) Dec 12-5
160.2 – Alex Marinelli (Team Metcalf) over Drew Hughes (Team Ramos) Maj 17-6

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle