These rankings will be a combination of Freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. However, we will have two separate age groups with Cadet rankings as well as Junior rankings. We love seeing kids that wrestle both styles but also know that some of the top ranked wrestlers in the state only do one or the other and try to rank them accordingly. These rankings favor the wrestlers who have gone out and competed against the best of the best. Wrestlers who wrestled in events like the State tournament, Northern Plains, Junior Duals, & Fargo nationals will be rewarded for going after that competition.

If you would like to share your input please comment below or send an email to iawrestlecontact@gmail.com.

Junior Rankings

1. Kyle Biscoglia- Ubasa
2. Drew Bennett- Fort Dodge
3. Cam Shaver- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
4. Jacob Schipper- North Scott
5. Nate Kahoe- Rails Wrestling Club

1. Jack Wagner- Agoge
2. Brenden Baker- Elite Takedown Club
3. Justin Portillo- Team Valley
4. McGwire Midkiff- SWIFT
5. Bryce West- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

1. Alex Thomsen- SWIFT
2. Josh Portillo- Team Valley
3. Drew West- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
4. Dante Tacchia- Sebolt Wrestling Academy
5. Michael Millage- Elite Takedown Club

1. Keaton Geerts- Elite Takedown Club
2. Brock Rathbun- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
3. Triston Lara- Team Valley
4. Nathan Lendt- Iron Rams Wrestling Club
5. Aaron Stumpf- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club

1. Carter Happel- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
2. Ryan Leisure- Team Valley
3. Zachary Barnes- Iron Rams Wrestling Club
4. Brock Parker- Ubasa
5. Brice Everson- AGOGE

1. Nelson Brands- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
2. Michael Zachary- Dowling Catholic
3. Jackson Gallagher- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
4. Cayd Lara- Team Valley
5. Austin Yant- Waverly Area Wrestling Club

1. Matt Malcom- MWC Wrestling Academy
2. Jacob Krakow- Tiger Wrestling Club
3. Dylan Schuck- Team Zapas
4. Zachary Axmear- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
5. Brennan Swafford- DC Elite

1. Colton Clingenpeel- SWIFT
2. AJ Geers- Linn Mar
3. Nichalas Jarvis- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
4. Joe Kelly- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
5. Carter Block- Elite Takedown Club

1. Marcus Coleman- Ames
2. Brandon Haas- SSWC
3. Carter Rohweder- Iowa City West
4. Ben Sarasin- Ubasa
5. Jonah Egli- Fort Dodge

1. Max Lyon- Western Dubuque Bobcats
2. Anthony Sherry- SWIFT
3. Chase Shiltz- Creston Freco Club
4. Josh Edel- Marshalltown
5. Bailey Chyma- South Tama

1. Donovan Doyle- Iowa City West
2. Isaac Bartel- Nora Springs
3. Visouth Peterschmidt- Eastern Iowa Wrestling Club
4. Connor Corbin- Valley Wrestling
5. Zac Stork- SWIFT

1. Bryce Esmoil- DC Elite
2. Jacob Zachary- Dowling Catholic
3. Wyatt Wriedt- North Scott
4. Alex Freiburger- SSWC
5. Eric Gleiter- Waterloo Freco

1. Carter Isley- Young Bucks Wrestling Club
2. Gannon Gremmel- SSWC
3. Aaron Costello- Basement Boys Wrestling Club
4. Matt Naig- Team Zapas
5. Omar Begic- Future Trojans Wrestling Club