Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.49.52 PMDr. Kevin Miller of E.P. True Chiropractic in Des Moines,IA has been selected to support members of USA Wrestling as they go for gold in Rio. Under Dr. Miller’s care and the care of other Maximized Living doctors, U.S. wrestlers won four medals including two golds at the London Olympics in 2012!

In an unprecedented showing, the largest contingent of elite Chiropractors will be traveling to Rio to support and care for members of Team USA.  Since 2009, Maximized Living Sports Council doctors such as Dr. Kevin Miller have worked closely with several national governing bodies like USA Wrestling, Judo, Weightlifting, Sitting Volleyball, and Elite Track & Field Athletes to deliver a holistic, whole-athlete approach to performance.  Their approach incorporates chiropractic, advanced nutrition, mental preparedness and metabolic fitness programs. These programs are designed to build strength, endurance, speed up recovery, and radically reduce the risk of injury.

“Team USA Wrestling success is a testament to the performance and recuperative aspects of chiropractic and the critical role chiropractors play in helping to unlock the full human potential.  As excited as I am to go to Rio, I’m even more excited for the opportunity to share these principles with the Central Iowa Community.” said Dr. Kevin Miller. – Do you want to hear Dr. Miller speak about what true health is?  Dr. Miller spends his time in and out of the office educating and inspiring people to improve their daily habits so they can achieve optimal health, happiness, and prosperity.  Join us for a free meal and learn about the 5 essentials to real health with people in your community.  Go to to sign up for an upcoming date.