#4 Thomas Gilman (Iowa) 27-1 vs. #1 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State) 25-0

Gilman is the only 125 pounder to win all his matches by major decision or better, defeating the #5 seed 15-6 in Ryan Millhof. This matchup is the rubber match between the two, but the two matches came last season. Hopefully Gilman will keep up his offensive onslaught against the number one seeded Tomasello, but the Buckeye’s defense is a little bit better than the opponents Gilman has faced so far.


#9 Dylan Peters (UNI) 16-3 vs #14 Josh Rodriguez (North Dakota State) 37-9

Peters lost a good match against Tomasello in the quarterfinals, but just couldn’t get enough offense going on his bad leg. He’ll face Rodriguez in the bloodround tonight who he did not wrestle when the two had a dual meet match scheduled earlier this year.


#2 Cory Clark (Iowa) 25-1 vs #3 Zane Richards (Illinois) 26-1

Much like his 125 pound partner Clark is 1-1 against Richards (just this season), dropping the dual meet match but then beating Richards in the Big Ten Championship match 2-1. This will be another tough battle for Clark, and hopefully he can finish a shot in regulation, but hopefully he can keep Richards just off-balance enough to move to the finals.


#8 Earl Hall (Iowa State) 31-8 vs. Dom Forys (Pittsburgh) 28-4

Hall had a tough draw against the number one seeded Nahshon Garrett from Cornell, and Hall was put in a tough position right off the bat as the official started injury time for a foreign substance on Hall’s legs, which gave Garrett the choice of position. Hall will need to win one more match in the bloodround to become a two-time All-American.


#2 Brandon Sorensen (Iowa) 28-1 vs #11 Anthony Collica (Oklahoma State) 28-7

Collica was fortunate to get by Lavion Mayes in the quarterfinals, winning 3-2 on a stall call against the Tiger that I thought was a poor call. As it sits though Sorensen has a bit easier path to get to the finals, as he already has a win over Collica 6-1 back at the Grapple on the Gridiron. Sorensen had a tough quarterfinal match winning 4-2 over Nebraska’s Sueflohn to advance.



#9 Tanner Weatherman (Iowa State) 30-9 vs #14 David McFadden (Virginia Tech) 24-10

Weatherman was the second cyclone to meet up with a number one seed, this time taking on Alex Dieringer. Weatherman couldn’t get any offense going at all, and fell to Dieringer 11-5. He’ll take on McFadden, who lost to the #3 seed Bo Jordan but wrestled two solid matches, knocking out Penn State’s Geno Morelli, to get to the bloodround


Lelund Weatherspon (Iowa State) 27-10 vs #11 Myles Martin (Ohio State) 31-6

Weatherspoon has had the most successful run of any Cyclone so far, earning the program’s first All-American since Hall did it in 2014. Weatherspoon will look to keep on the right side of a close match with Myles Martin, the two haven’t met in their careers so I’d expect the match to be fairly tight.


#13 Alex Meyer (Iowa) 26-5 vs #9 Chandler Rogers (Oklahoma State) 29-8

Meyer had a rough go of it in his previous two matches, winning 10-9 and 15-4. The 15-4 match came after he fell behind 4-0, before going on a 15-0 run, and hopefully he can keep that momentum going in the bloodround, because Iowa will need every point they can muster up.



#2 Sammy Brooks (Iowa) 26-4 vs. #4 Domenic Abounader (Michigan) 26-3

Brooks falling to the backside was a real disappointment, especially after having defeated TJ Dudley in the Big Ten Tournament. Brooks takes on Abounader, whose last two matches have gone to tiebreakers. Brooks is 2-1 against Abounader in his career.


#4 Nathan Burak (Iowa) 26-2 vs. #1 Morgan McIntosh (Penn State) 31-0

This will be by far Burak’s toughest match of the tournament so far. The pair have met five total times in their career with McIntosh taking every one of them. Burak is coming off a closer-than-expected 5-2 win over Duke’s Hartmann, while McIntosh has won each of his matches by at least major decision.


Patrick Downey (Iowa State) 8-3 vs. Shawn Scott (Northern Illinois) 27-10

Downey was having a heck of a run in the tournament, upsetting two seeded wrestlers to make the quarterfinals, until he ran into Brett Pfarr, who just overpowered him. Downey gets a tough MAC opponent in Shawn Scott in the bloodround tonight.