132 Results
Guaranteed Places
1st Place – Ethan Ksiazek of Johnston
2nd Place – Joe Howard of Indianola
3rd Place – zach owens of Ankeny Centennial
4th Place – Ethan Speltz of Pella
5th Place – Kenny McCaughey of Carlisle
6th Place – Gabe Lyddon of Dowling Catholic-WDM
1st Place Match
Ethan Ksiazek (Johnston) 31-6, Sr. over Joe Howard (Indianola) 40-10, Sr. (Dec 6-4).
2nd Place Wrestleback
Joe Howard (Indianola) 40-10, Sr. over zach owens (Ankeny Centennial) 29-20, Sr. (Dec 1-0).
3rd Place Match
zach owens (Ankeny Centennial) 29-20, Sr. over Ethan Speltz (Pella) 29-18, Jr. (MD 10-0).
5th Place Match
Kenny McCaughey (Carlisle) 14-19, Sr. over Gabe Lyddon (Dowling Catholic-WDM) 12-20, So. (Dec 8-3).