Dual scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, Refresh often for updates!

Dual Preview
I think there is a live stream here, for those of you not in Iowa/those of you who can’t get it locally. Here’s the list of local channels carrying it as well.
Local TV Stations:
Des Moines’ WHO-HD NBC Channel 13 D-2
Sioux City’s KMEG Channel 14 D-2
KGCW 26 in Davenport
KCRG-TV ABC Channel 9.2 in Cedar Rapids
CFU Cable TV Channel 15 and HD415 in Cedar Falls
Comcast Chicago Sports Plus

The line outside the West Gym an hour and a half before first whistle
The line outside the West Gym an hour and a half before first whistle

Pre-meet notes: Patrick Downey weighed in at 184 for the Cyclones, still no word on whether or not he’s a go though, ISU also weighed in Dane Pestana

We’re starting tonight at 197 pounds!

#14 Iowa State vs UNI

197: Cody Krumwiede (UNI) vs Patrick Downey
1st: Downey gets the nod at 197 pounds for ISU, they’re moving people all over the place tonight. Tie up to start, Downey working an underhook, ISU fans want stalling already, obviously no call. Downey with a deep under hook but they go OOB. Restart. Tie-up again, nothing, Downey with an outside trip try but whiffs everything and spins all the way around. Tie up again, Downey working the underhooks hard, Krumwiede clears, again, Krumwiede breaks it, nearly forces him out, he’s got underhooks of his own but can’t use it. 30 seconds left, Downey goes heavy on the head, he scoots around but can’t get there…not a lot of change here, Krumwiede with a half shot, nothing and he clears it, and that’s the period
2nd:Downey down to start, caution on Downey, long break before the whistle, Krumwiede rides rough, lots of forward pressure to start with. Krum has a leg, but downey stands up, Krum returns him, Downey to a tripod again, Krum sits him back down, lots of forward pressure. Now a claw ride and Krum brings Downey back nearly for points but nothing, and Krum loses his grip and Downey gets the E1 and T2 on the edge. Jackson wants stalling bad, no call as they go OOB. 30 seconds left, but Krum gets ridden out of the period, 3-0 Downey leads.
3rd: Krum is down to start, caution on Downey again, Krum is up and out, 3-1 RT not a factor. They tie up again, half shot by Krum, nothing, tie up, Downey with a half snap down and just gets by Krum to get around for the T2. 5-1 Downey leads. Drum gets up and out with 45 seconds left, it’s 5-2 now. Krum with a trip try but nothing, and that’s it.
Match score: Downey wins 5-2.
Team score: ISU leads 3-0

285: #15 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs Marcus Harrington
1st: Handfighting to start with, Harrington is quite a bit quicker than Smith is. Tie up now, Cabell with a half shot, Harrington with a go-by, neither hits it. Tie up again, Cabell clears, Cabell with heavy swipes, but can’t get Harrington to move. Cabell with a double le try and cuts it down to a single leg and runs through him for the T2 and the crowd gets loud for the first time tonight, 2-0 Cabell leads as they go OOB. Restart, Cabell basically cuts Harrington, 2-1 now. 30 seconds left and they’re neutral, they tie up again, Harrington wants out but Cabell not letting him and he pushes through for another double leg try and runs him through for the T2 and thats the period, 4-1 Cabell
2nd: Wow this is going to be another caution night. Cabell is down and gets one, then Harrington gets one. Cabell up on the restart, OOB in 3 seconds trying to get away. Restart. Another caution on Cabell. Cabell up, Harrington brings him back down, he’s up again and kicks out, 5-1 now as harrington tried to get Cabell out on the edge for stalling but Cabell hurried his butt around to get back in, 1:25 left and we’re in the middle. Cabell with a shot, but Harrington stuffs him this time. Not a lot else, 30 seconds left, tie up, and that’s it.
3rd: Harrington down to start, he’s up and out quick. 5-1. Cabell with a go-by for the T2, 7-3 after the E1. 1:10 left. 30 seconds left Cabell with another go-by for the T2, 9-3 RT not a factor still, Cabell goes with the neutra
start, 30 seconds left he’s in on an ankle pick but can’t finish. 9-4 he leads. And that’ll be it as time expires
Match score: 9-4 Cabell wins
Team Score: 3-3

125: #7 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs Kyle Larson
1st: They stay away from each other to start, now a tie-up, Peters with a single leg try from a mile away, nothing doing. Larson with a hand on the head, cleared, ISU coaches pointing out that Peters is heavy on his left leg and then Larson shoots at it, snags it and trips him down for the T2. 2-0 as they go OOB. Peters has given up the first takedown in all three matches he’s come back for. Peters is up and out on the restart, 2-1. Peters with a shot now, he’s got Larson draped over the back but he gets away, we’re neutral again. OOB restart, 30 seconds left, not a lot of action here but Larson with another shot to Peters’ left leg and he’s in deep but Peters’ does a GREAT job of fighting out of it and then gets Larson off the mat for the stall warning and ISU coaches are REALLY upset about that. That’s the end of the period 2-1 Larson leads
2nd: Peters down to start, but he’s up and out for the E1, 2-2. Larson in on Peters’ left leg again, he trips him down for the T2 again, Peters up but back down, again up but back down again and they go OOB. 4-2 Larson leads, 1 minute left. Peters gets out on the restart, 45 seconds left, Peters hasn’t really taken a shot yet this period. There he goes wot the left leg and a body lock picks him up and slams Larson down for the T2, Larson up and out for the E1, 5-5 as we go to the third period.
3rd: Larson down to start the period, Peters works a claw ride but can’t get Larson back for points, he’s up and out 6-5 the Cyclone leads. Peters with another single try and again he gets a body lock and he takes Larson up and down for the T2 again, Larson up and out it’s 7-7 now. Peters works a front headlock turns that into double underhooks and gets the T2 on the edge, 9-7 he leads 43 seconds left. restart, caution on Peters, he’s got two legs in on the restart, Larson just stands up, stalemate. Restart, 32 seconds left, Larson up but Peters returns him, Larson up again and again he’s retired, again, and AGAIN! West Gym going insane!! Peters rides him out and gets the win 9-7!
Match score: 9-7 Peters
Team score: 6-3

133: #15 Josh Alber (UNI) vs #8 Earl Hall
1st: Tie-ups to start, Hall with a single leg to Alber’s outside and gets an ankle for the T2. OOB restart. Alber stands up, he gets hand control and is out. 2-1 Hall leads. Alber with a snap try, nothing, they break and restart and the center. Not a lot of action here, as they’re mostly hand fighting. under one minute to go, Hall takes a shot, nothing, Alber tries a swipe at the head, nothing. Alber wants a slower pace, but hall is trying to push him a bit. Alber works an arm, Hall with a duck under, nothing. They stand back up, nothing, thats the period.
2nd: Hall is down to start the period, caution on Alber. Alber tires to sit out, nothing, Alber works to get the hands, Hall up now but Alber does a good job of forcing him OOB before the can get out, restart. Alber working a half from a seat, but can’t get Hall back for NF points, but he’s doing a good job of keeping Hall down. Now Jackson wants explanation on something, not sure what he’s asking about. That should be a warning on ISU and it is. Restart, Hall still down, caution on Alber, not sure why, I think his head was over the center line of Hall’s back. Hall up, but he’s just standing there, Alber is hit for stalling, Hall literally is just standing up with his arms out, not doing anything they go OOB. hall is down still, caution on Hall, he sits out on the restart, Alber trying to tilt him back but Hall turns into him, locks the cradle up and gets the pinfall win.
Match Score: Hall gets the pinfall win in 3:48
Team Score: ISU leads 9-0

141: Trevor Jauch (UNI) vs Nathan Boston (ISU)
1st: Alrighty so Jauch comes out for UNI, not a lot of action through the first minute, they tie-up, not muchJauch has a wrap around his left knee, that’s the one he injured last friday. Jauch with a go-by try and has a headlock, I thought Boston put his hand down but no call, no challenge from Schwab as Boston gets a leg and takes Jauch down, that’s a T2 for Boston as they go OOB. It looks like Jauch tweeked his knee again as they went out, but he’s on bottom. Restart. Jauch is up but back down and now Boston has a cradle locked up, but he breaks it. He has RT now, he really wants to put both legs in but he’s not going for it for some reason. That’s the end of the period, 2-0 Boston leads.
2nd: Boston is down to start the 2nd period, Jauch with a claw ride, flattens Boston out, now Jauch works a half, Boston sits out, nothing, Jauch gets him back to his base, now they’re on their butts and Jauch trying to suck Boston back but can’t quite get there, Boston with a quick spin and he’s up and out, but Jauch forces him off and a stall warning goes against Boston. It’s 3-0 Boston but RT has been erase. Restart, they’re neutral. Jauch with a bad shot, but Boston can’t take advantage. That’s the end.
3rd: Jauch chooses neutral for the third, I don’t think he wants Boston on him at all. 1:30 left though and he hasn’t taken a shot, Boston with one, a snap, and now a go by try but nothing doing. Jauch just working the head, nothing. 1:10 left, Boston brings us back to the center, Jauch with a single leg to Boston’s butt and if he can get his head out it’d be two but nothing yet, stalemate called, no points. Restart, Jauch with a shot, nothing, another, nothing but Boston gets around him for the T2, and leads 5-0 now. Boston will ride Jauch out and that’s it.
Match Score: 5-0
Team score: 12-6

149: Adam Perrin (UNI) vs Dante Rodriguez
1st: Alright so it’s a tie up to start, Perrin works for double underhooks though and trips Perrin onto his back! Rodriguez does a great job of fighting out of it though, and no points are scored. Alright we had some computer problems there, it froze up on me, but Perrin got in on a shot and scored 2-0 he leads and he got NF’s there! He’s up 4-0 and Rodriguez is up and out for the E1, 4-1 Perrin leads, sorry computer froze to the 2nd.
2nd: Wow I missed a ton of stuff, Rodriguez goes neutral to start the period, Perrin in on a single leg and gets the T2, but Rodriguez gets the R2 and now Perrin with a R2 of his own! At the end of all this it’s 10-3 Perrin leads, as they go OOB. Rodriguez has injury time. Perrin getting the crowd into it, and he’s down to start after the medical time, there are 31 seconds left in the period. Perrin gets up, tries a switch nothing, but he gets around and gets out with four seconds left it’s 11-3 Perrin leads going to the third.
3rd: Rodriguez down to start, he’s up and out, 11-4 he works a headlock really really heavy, he’s circling slowly but a stalemate is called. Restart, tie-ups, Both guys look fairly tired, go-by by Rodriguez, leads to a sgbnle leg attempt by Perrin and gets puts Rodriguez down for the T2, 13-4 he leads now, Perrin working to turn him with a half in but can’t get it, 30 seconds left as Rodriguez gets warned for stalling. Perrin working really hard to turn him but can’t because Rodriguez isn’t doing anything, that’s the period though and Perrin wins
Match Score: Perrin wins 14-4
Team score: ISU leads 12-10

157: #20 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs Renaldo Rodriguez-Spencer

1st: We get a nice break in the action thanks to TV, and we’re going. I’ll refer to Rodriguez-Spencer as RRS, it’s just easier to type. Tie-ups to start, Steiert with a half shot, but RSS fights it off well, RSS in on a single leg but nothing, now RSS in on a deep double leg and gets the T2, Steiert is up and around for the E1, 2-1. They go back to center, tie up, snap down from Steiert, nothing, tie-up, go by try by Steiert, nothing, 1:30 left, RSS warned for thumbing in the eyes. Restart, tie-up, snap by Steiert, nothing, They both go for a shot, nothing though. RSS comes up with underhooks, now in a body lock and nearly gets around for the T2 but they go OOB, good job by both guys there. 57 seconds left. RRS with another double leg off a restart and gets the T2, he leads 4-2 after the E1, to the second.
2nd: Steiert is down to start the period, caution on RRS, E1 Steiert, 4-3 RRS leads. Tie-ups and snaps mostly here, Steiert tries a sweep single but can’t get there, 1:15 left in the period. Neither guy doing a whole lot, now RRS with a double try but Steiert does a good job fightingg him off, and now Steiert with a double leg of his own but can’t get there and now gets around RRS for the T2, eh leads 5=4 and is working for NF points but can’t quite get there, everybody wants them through, and there he gets two and there four! He leads 9-4 with time expiring in the 2nd
3rd: They go neutral to start, RRS gets an ankle pick and elevates him, and gets the T2, 9-6 but the E1 by Steiert comes right away, 10-6. Steiert hits a sgbnle leg and gets his own T2! He works to turn him over but can’t before the period runs out but he gets the win
Match Score: 12-6
Team score: UNI leads 13-12

165: #13 Cooper Moore (UNI) vs #9 Tanner Weatherman
1st: Alright this is a big one. Both men come out, Moore hand fights in, now Weatherman fights in, break. Tie-up again, break. Tie-up, nothing, Moore with nice single from a long way away, he has the ankle, shelves it but can’t get it up high enough, he works him back down but now Weatherman has an arm and we stalemate. They tie up, Moore has an underhook that Weatherman backs out of, he wanted no part of that. Moore with a shot, weatherman tries to get around, can’t. They stand up. I don’t know if Weatherman has taken a shot yet, Moore with an ankle pick try, can’t finish though. Moore with a snap, nothing, and they run out the clock on their feet. 0-0
2nd: Moore is down to start, He’s up fast and turns and gets the E1, he leads 1-0. Moore with a shot, nothing, Weatherman takes his first shot of the match, nothing doing. Moore with an underhook on the right and works to the ankle on the left, and turns him around, now Weatherman is sitting on Moore’s head, now Weatherman gets draped over the back and a stalemate is called. Restart, they tie-up, break, Moore with a shot, nothing. Weatherman literally has taken one shot the whole match, we go to the third.
3rd: Weatherman is down to start, he’s up, Moore returns him to his butt. Up again, he has the hand and gets out, 1-1. Weatherman with a shot form two miles away, somehow gets to the leg but Moore is draped over the back, he’s holding on and a stalemate is called. 1 minute left restart. Some hand slaps, nothing much. ISU coaches want Weatherman to shoot, he’s not listening. Moore with a shot, nothing. 20 seconds left, Weatherman with a shot, but action is stopped for interlocking fingers, 15 seconds left, Moore trying to push the pace but Weatherman isn’t having any of it, and we go to OT
Sudden Victory: Moore with a sweep single try, nothing. 45 seconds left, Weatherman with a single and he’s in deep but Moore gets in an gets a cradle locked up and that SHOULD BE TWO POINTS Weatherman is on his head and that should be two and back points but no call, and now Moore is down and hurt as time expires, Scwhab challenges. Moore is down on the mat hurt, but the officials reverse the decision and score the T2 for Moore, so he gets the win!
Match score: Moore 3-1
Team score: 16-12

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs Lelund Weatherspoon
1st: Alright off the whistle Lux with a body lock, but Weatherspoon fights out well. And the same sequence takes place again, that’s kind of weird. 2 minutes left in the period. Lux with a shot, Weatherspoon gets to an ankle though and gets the T2, Lux nearly goes to his back but he spins out and gets to his feet, OOB. 2-0 Weatherspoon leads. Restart, Lux with a switch nearly to a leg but he stands up and gets the E1, 2-1 now. Back to center, Lux with a snap, nothing, tie-up, under a minute left, not a lot of action, Weatherspoon trying to work a two on one, but he’s not doing anything with it. They tie-up and break three more times before the end of the period, but to the 2nd we go
2nd: Weatherspoon is up, and Lux is called for stalling, that baffles me, that hasn’t been called all night and now it is? Lux with a shot, Weatherspoon with a reshot but Lux does a good job fighting him off. Stall warning on Weatherspoon, that hasn’t been called all night either. Lux doing a good job of half-shooting, but he can’t get in to finish. 40 seconds left in the period. No real action finishing the period, to the 3rd.
3rd: Lux is down to start, caution on Weatherspoon. Off the whistle Weatherspoon has a cradle locked up but Lux fights out of it and we go OOB. Restart, Lux up, and he’s out, 3-2 now Weatherspoon leads. Lux working heavy on the head, really battling in, he takes shot now, too far away, one minute left in the period. Lux gets under with double underhooks but can’t finish. 40 seconds left and Weatherspoon takes a shot and hits a double leg for the T2. He leads 5-2 with 30 seconds left. They go OOB, restart, ux upend back down in a roll, Weatherspoon rides him out and that’s it.
Match score: 6-2
Team score: UNI leads 16-15

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs Dane Pestano
1st:Alright that is it. 12 seconds in and we have blood time for Pestana. Restart, hand fighting to start, they tie up, Foster with a half shot, he’s pushing the pace right now, Foster with a single leg and nearly gets there but Pestano fights out. Foster with a couple more shots but nothing, Pestano with a half shot, nothing. Foster with a half snot, nothing. One minute left. Foster in on a sgbnle leg but can’t finish, and now Pestano with a single leg and he pulls Foster down for the T2. More blood time for Pestano. They finally get it cleaned up and we get started. Foster is still down, he’s up but Pestano returns him. Foster turns into him and nearly gets the R2 but just gets the E1, 2-1 with 20 seconds left. Nothing else really and we go to the 2nd.
2nd: Pestano down to start, he’s up and out fairly quickly bu tFoster keeps the pressure on by following him out. Foster with a shot but too far away, now Pestano with a front headlock but nothing. Back to center with 1 minute left. Stall warning on Pestano as Foster pushes the action, Pestano takes a shot, gets the double leg and elevates him for the T2 right as time expires. 5-1 to the third.
3rd: Pestano up and out after starting down he’s really tired., Foster with a shot but can’t get there. Now another but he gets stuffed and Pestano gets around for the T2. 45 seconds left and Pestano is in control 7-2, stall warning on Foster as he’s on bottom not doing a whole lot. he’s up but can’t get out and that’s the period.
Match score: 8-2
Final Team score: ISU wins 18-16