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Dual Preview
Pre-meet notes: Dylan Peters will be wrestling tonight at 125 pounds
We’re starting tonight at 149 pounds

West Gym

#20 Central Michigan vs UNI
149: Jake Hodges (UNI) vs Justin Oliver (CMU)
1st: Alright Heffernan is out for CMU, which makes Hodges match here a little bit easier. Tie ups to start, Hodges tries to throw a double underhook, nothing, Oliver with a weird single leg, he elevates it, but Hodges fights out and Oliver is right back in it, but hodges out again. Hodges works for a shot, nothing, Halfway through the period. Not a whole lot, collar ties, and now Oliver is in on a single leg deep, sits Hodges down and there’s the T2. 2-0 Oliver leads with 45 seconds left. Restart after they go OOB, Hodges up, back down, up again, back down again. Oliver with a lot of forward pressure, keeping Hodges down, now he tripods up but time runs out, 2-0 Hodges trails going to the 2nd.
2nd: Hodges takes down, and he’s given up RT now, Oliver working a tilt, nothing yet, Hodges sits out and nearly gets the R2 but gets the E1, 2-1 now Oliver leads, Hodges looking for a single but can’t get there. Back on our feet with 1:10 left. Oliver with another single leg, and not a clean T2 but a T2 nonetheless, it’s 4-1 Oliver with 55 seconds left in the period. Restart, Oliver again with a ton of forward pressure but he’s not working, so he gets a stall warning. 32 seconds on the restart. Hodges hits a switch right off the whistle to get the E1, 4-2 now but Oliver has 1:42 of RT. Nothing else in the period and we go to the third.
3rd:Oliver is up right off the whistle and gets the E1, he still has RT. Double leg try for Oliver and he switches to a single and gets the T2. Tilt for oliver on the edge gets nothing, OOB restart. Oliver goes optional start, so it’s 7-3 off the restart, Hodges with a shot, nothing, Oliver with a shot, nothing. Collar tie now, Oliver in on a single and Hodges bails for the T2, 9-3, and 9-4 with the release. Oliver with another single, but Hodges is holding on to an ankle for dear life, no points yet and stalemate. 16 seconds left. Oliver with a shot, nothing, and again and gets a T2 with one second left. 12-4 Oliver wins.
Match Score: Oliver wins 12-4
Team score: 4-0

157: #20 Bryce Steiert (UNI) vs #12 Luke Smith (CMU)

1st: Headfakes to start, Steiert with a nice half shot, really faked out Smith there. Smith is quite a bit taller than Steiert. Not a lot of action yet, Steiert really working the head fakes, now he’s in on a single leg, but Smith breaks it, now they’re side by side, Steiert is just trying to bail but Smith is holding onto Steiert’s arm and won’t let him go, now we get a break. One minute left in the period. Not a lot else, collar ties, Smith with a fake shot, nothing, Steiert with a shot, too far away, Smith a reshot, too far. That’s the first. 0-0.
2nd:Smith is on bottom to start, he’s up and out in 5 seconds. 1-0 he leads. Smith with a single leg, he’s in deep, Steiert doing a good job of going heavy on the head, he’s got the leg cradle and nearly flips Smith over but nothing, no points, and the hold is broken and a stalemate is called. Schwab is MAD about that, and to be fair so is Borrelli. Restart, collar ties again, 20 seconds left in the period. Smith rides really tough so it will be interesting to see if Steiert choses down or not. To the third.
3rd: Steiert goes neutral to start the third, he’s in on a single leg and has Smith on his butt, but Smith has an ankle of Steiert’s, they come up, scrambling still, Steiert comes up on top and turns but no points yet, one minute left, and Steiert nearly has Smith on his back TWICE, WOW  40 seconds left, now they’re in a pass, and Steiert’s on top, trying to get his leg back, he can’t 20 seconds left and the ref calls another stalemate. Mark Schwab is VERY unhappy now. Restart, Steiert tries to get in on another shot but can’t get there, UNI crowd and coaches want a stall call, but nothing, and Steiert can’t get in on a shot, and that’s the match.
Match Score: Smith wins, 1-0
Team score: CMU leads 7-0

165: #13 Cooper Moore (UNI) vs Jordan Atienza (CMU)
1st: Moore in on a shot early on, but can’t finish on a single leg. We restart and it’s mostly ties, Moore with a shot, nothing, Atienza with a shot, nothing. Moore works in, nothing, he bails, stall warning on Atienza after another Moore shot. Collar tie, moore with single leg, nothing, Atienza with a single leg, nothing. And that’s it, we go to the second.
2nd: Moore is down to start. He’s up and out in four seconds. He tries a sweep single, nothing, now he dives in for a signal, and gets it, and nearly gets Atienza caught on his back, but nothing, now a really nice scramble again, Moore nearly gets a T2 but isn’t quite behind Atienza enough, restart. Moore with another shot, nothing though, and again, nothing. Seriously Atienza hasn’t done anything, no stall call, to the third.
3rd: Atienza is down to start, he gets up and out eventually, and he’s in on a single but can’t finish and Moore gets to the side and gets his own T2 and now turn s him for the NF4, Moore leads 7-1 with one minute left. Moore with an armbar, he’s working hard, UNI wants stalling on bottom for not doing ANYTHING. Moore still working hard and there’s the stall warning, 8-1 now and Moore has RT.
Match score: Moore 9-1
Team score: CMU Leads 7-4

174: Kyle Lux (UNI) vs #9 Mike Ottinger (CMU)
1st: This is some crazy action in here so far tonight. Lux comes out and gets a single leg and T2 in the first 15 seconds, it’s 2-1 after the E1. Lux tries again but nothing. Ottinger with a snap, nothing. Ottinger with another snap on the edge and Lux nearly gets another single leg, but Ottinger drives him OOB, stall warning on Lux. Ottinger really trying to work the two on one, and a snap from Ottinger nearly gets him but he bails out. Lux with a shot but Ottinger gets around him for the T2. 3-2 now Ottinger leads, 26 seconds left in the first. Ottinger rides him out to end the period.
2nd: Ottinger is on bottom to start the second. Caution on Lux, Ottinger is up and turns for the E1, it’s 4-2 now. Lux got hit in the eye there, he needs time, but doesn’t take it, now Ottinger gets hit in the eye, still no time taken and Lux is in on a shot but can’t finish. They stand back up, Lux trying to work heavy on Ottinger’s head, but Ottinger is too strong there, snap from Ottinger, nothing, he tries a shot, nothing. 15 seconds left and they’re in a collar tie, nothing much and that’s the period.
3rd: Lux is down to start the third, he’s up and out quick, 4-3 now. He tries a shot, nothing. Ottinger with some really heavy left hands, they tie up the fingers, no call. They nearly go OOB but nothing, Lux with a shot but Ottinger holds onto Lux’s head and circles and gets the T2 with 1:08 left. Lux nearly hits a switch, but can’t get there, now he sits out, stands up and is out, 6-4 is the score but Ottinger has RT. 20 seconds left. Ottinger working a two on one, he’s backing up and is warned for stalling, and again, that’s 6-5, Ottinger was literally just backing up and circling the last 10 seconds of the match, Lux shoves him a little bit at the end but nothing is called or anything, and that’s it.
Match score: Ottinger 7-5
Team score: CMU leads 10-4

184: Drew Foster (UNI) vs Jordan Ellingwood (CMU)
1st: Foster up now, Ellingwood in right away with double underwoods but Foster works out and nearly hits a double leg on the edge for two but Ellingwood jumps away. OOB restart. Off the restart Foster takes a shot, nothing, and now Ellingwood is on a double leg for the T2, 2-0 with 1:30 left. Foster gets up and out off the restart. Ellingwood with a snap but can’t get there, not a lot else, end of one, 2-1.
2nd: Foster is down to start, he’s working to get up, and Ellingwood is just kind of hanging there, and there’s the stall warning on Ellingwood. Restart, Foster is on his belly, now up to a tripod and gets the E1 with 1:01 of RT on the clock. And as I type that Ellingwood gets a T2 and nearly gets the NF2 but the official doesn’t give it to him, Foster rolls through and gets the E1 right away, it’s 4-3 now for Ellingwood. Not sure why CMU isn’t challenging that, but whatever. Foster gets in on a shot but Ellingwood circles around for the T2, wow that was fast. They roll OOB restart. Foster down but he can’t get out before the period ends, 6-3 to the third.
3rd: Ellingwood is down to start, and he’s up and out very quickly. Now Foster takes a shot but Ellingwood has a headlock in, Foster tries to reshoot but can’t get there, and Ellingwood gets around for the T2 and releases him, 9-4. Foster in on a single leg now and sits Ellingwood down but can’t finish, Ellingwood gets behind him and the CMU bench is going crazy wanting the T2, no call though stalemate. 6 seconds left. Foster nearly gets behind him but can’t get there, that’s the match.
Match score: Ellingwood wins 10-4
Team score: CMU leads 13-4


197: Jared Bartel (UNI) vs Jackson Lewis (CMU)
1st: Alrighty back at it after intermission, Bartel works a front headlock, down to a single, nothing doing. Bartel with a big swipe with the right paw, into a headlock, now Lewis with a body lock and looks to throw Bartel but Bartel breaks it. Snap down from Lewis, nothing, some big handswipes from both guys. Collar tie now, Bartel with a shot, Lewis gets all the way around him but Bartel stands up, no points. Bartel trying to work heavy, and now gets an inside trip, but Lewis snags the leg and gets the T2 with two seconds left.
2nd: Bartel is down 2-0 and in the bottom position to start the period. Lewis with two legs in and is working an arm, Bartel up and back down, stalemate. Restart Bartel rolls for the E1, 2-1 now. Lewis going after him but Bartel fights him off great job by Bartel there. Bartel with another shot, he just can’t finish. Lewis with a shot, nothing, collar tie again, Bartel has a huge scratch on his leg, I assume from a nail. Not much other action to the third.
3rd: Lewis goes down to start, he’s up but not out, Bartel tries a trip but Lewis snags his leg again and gets the E1 and T2, 5-1 now he leads. Lewis is working hard to keep Bartel down, Bartel up, but Lewis gets in on a leg, lifts and dumps him down and nearly gets NF points but nothing. Bartel to his base, now back down to his belly, and Lewis rides him out.
Match score: Lewis 6-1
Team score: CMU leads 16-4

285: #17 Blaize Cabell (UNI) vs Newton Smerchek (CMU)
1st: Cabell tries a shot right off the bat, Smerchek fights him off, they tie up and get stuck, stalemate. Smerchek is moving quite a bit, Blaize with some head taps, Smerchek doesn’t like that, they tie up, break. Tie up, Cabell with his right arm in an underhook, tries for a shot to the left and nearly gets thrown, but they’re both still standing, stalemate, 1 minute left. Restart, Cabell tries a snap and a double leg, nothing tough as Smerchek fights it off well. Now Cabell with a high crotch and Smerchek is hit for stalling but Cabell lifts him all the way up and gets the T2, 2-1 after an escape and w’re going to the 2nd.
2nd: Smerchek is down to start, he’s up and out, 2-2 now. Cabell trie not to tie up with him too much, now he’s in on a sweep single and gets the T2! 4-2 and Cabell cuts him, 4-3. Cabell in on another shot, puts Smerchek on his butt but stalemate, Cabell with another shot and T2 and another stall on Smerchek, so it’s 7-3. CMU not happy with that stall call, their bench has been warned now. Cabell drives CMU OOB with one second left, we go to the third it’s 7-3.
3rd: Cabell up and out on his second try, Smerchek was warned for stalling again so it’s 9-3 after the E1 and stall. Cabell in on a single leg elevates it and dumps him bu they go OOB. Restart, Cabell in on another single and gets the T2 again, 11-3 now 11-4 with the E1. Sorry my computer is acting slow, it’s too hot in the west gym, Cabell won going away 15-5
Match score: 15-5
Team score: CMU leads 16-8

125: #7 Dylan Peters (UNI) vs Brent Fleetwood (CMU)

1st: Peters gets taken down right away to start the match, Fleetwood rides tough too, lots of forward pressure, OOB restart, Peters nearly up but can’t get there, OOB again. Restart Peteres gets up and out, 2-1 he trails. Peters with a single leg but was way too far away, Fleetwood sits on top and stalemate. Peters has quite a large brace on his left knee, kind of like Caldwell’s from last season. Collar ties as we go by one minute left in the period. Some shots and reshots by both guys, nothing. Peters with another shot and Fleetwood is warned for stalling. Stalemate, restart. Nothing as the period ends.
2nd: Fleetwood is down, to start, he’s up band turns but Peters is in on a leg and now has a seatbelt ride, but Fleetwood gets the E1, so it’s 3-1. Fleetwood shoots Peters off but no stall warning, that’s kind of surprising. Restart, front headlocks, now Peters with a body lock and he nearly gets the fall!!! That was really close as Peters gets the six point move, it’s 7-3 Peters leads now with 30 seconds left, and Peters rides him out.
3rd: Peters is down to start, he’s up an d out right away to get the E1, 8-3 now, Peters with a seatbelt in again but can’t get iantyhing, stalemate. Restart, Fleetwood dancing around out there, Peters takes a shot, too far away but recovers, now their in that side by side seatbelt position again, stalemate. Fleetwood trying to look like he’s doing more than he is out there, lots of movement from him, he takes a shot, Peters into a front headlock, he droves him OOB and should have gotten two but they wen tout. Schwab’s unhappy about that one. 19 seconds left. No other real shots left and Peters wins 8-3 in his first match back in two months
Match score: Peters 8-3
Team score: CMU leads 16-11

133: #17 Josh Alber (UNI) vs Corey Keener (CMU)
1st: They tie up right away, Alber with a shot, nothing, tie up again, they break. Tie up again, Keener tries a go-by, nothing. Alber with a shot, nothing, crowd wants stalling already, not getting it. Alber with a snap, nothing, Alber with a front headlock, can’t get anything to go, stalemate. Off the restart Keener gets in on a single leg, but Alber does a really nice job of fighting him, and as Keener is in deep Alber tries rolling him over and nearly pins himself, but a stalemate is called. After the restart Keener tries a single leg,nothing and that’s the period.
2nd: Alber is down to start, caution Keener, Alber’s up and out in 5 seconds, shot by Alber, nothing, stalemate on a tieup. Restart, they tie-up again, Keener in deep on a double leg and he gets the T2, Alber rolls for the E1 right away though, so it’s 2-2 with less than minute left in the second. They tie-up again, but neither guy can do anything before the period runs out.
3rd: Keener is down to start, and Alber nearly has NF points but nothing, now Keener reaches behind him for Albers head and nearly rips it off, and he gets his E1, 3-2 now but Alber is called for a locked hands that I didn’t see, so it’s 4-2 now. Alber is pushing the pace now, stall on Keener with 54 seconds left, Alber in on a shot, nothing, now Alber with underhooks in, nothing. They nearly go OOB but Alber pushes him back in, Alber in on a single leg and can’t quite get the T2 before time runs out, but Schwab is challenging everything. The call stands, so Keener wins 4-2
Match Score: Keener wins 4-2
Team Score: CMU leads 19-11

141: Trevor Jauch (UNI) vs #16 Zach Horan (CMU)
1st: So we get Jauch this week in the game of “who’s going to start at 141 pounds.” They tie up to start, not a lot of action, as they mostly tie-up and break. Horan with a snap, nothing, now with 20 seconds left Horan with a single leg and lifts it and gets the T2. Schwab wanted an illegal move called, but I’m not sure why. That’s the end of the, Jauch trails 2-0.
2nd: Jauch down to start, he’s up and out pretty quickly. Snaps mostly from Horan, no real shots. They tie-up, break. Jauch pushes the pace a little bit, but Horan circles, now tie up, Jauch with a high crotch try, but Horan with a front headlock and stalemate. Stall warning on Horan, and Jauch gets a double leg for the T2 at the end of the period! He leads 3-2 to the third.
3rd: Horan is down to start, Jauch rides a little bit before letting him go, 3-3. Schwab yelling at Jauch to stay low, as Horan is about as low to the mat as he can get. Tie up, Jauch with a reach, nothing, now he dives in for a single leg and they roll around but Horan comes out on top, and Jauch is hurt bad as Schwab is out on the mat yelling at the official that he’s hurt. They’re reviewing something now, while Jauch takes injury time. Jauch is up but they’re reviewing the action still. Ok after review there wasn’t a takedown, so it’s 3-3  still.  Horan gets to choose though after Jauch’s injury time, 5 seconds left. Horan rolls through and gets the E1 as the buzzer sounds, crowd boos the heck out of CMU and the officials.
Match Score: 4-3
Final Team score: CMU leads 22-11