141: Topher Carton (IA) vs #3 Anthony Ashnault

1st: It’s Carton. Ashnault working a two on one, but lets it go. Carton tries to get some offense going with a shot, but Ashnault moves out of it. Carton takes a shot, but Ashnault reshot and he gets the takedown, Carton to his feet, Ashnault returns him and he has the wrist and gets a turn to Carton’s back for four. 6-0 Ashnault. Carton to his feet and starts working for hand control, Ashnault able to return, Carton gets out and Ashnault working a shot, but Carton has an underhook and period ends with no more score. 6-1 Ashnault.

2nd: Ashnault  starts down and Carton riding tough, Ashnault currently with :25 RT. Ashnault stringing together some moves underneath, but Carton doing a good job of following. Carton throws a leg in and is trying to flatten Ashnault out. Working a powerhalf now with Ashnault flattened out, Ashnault warned for stalling for not working on bottom. Now Ashnault gets to his base, Carton working to flatten on the edge where they go out. :16 left, Carton with :56 RT. Caution on Ashnault. Second caution on Ashnault. Carton throws the leg off the whistle, Ashnault to his feet whistled potentially dangerous. Ashnault trying to work to his feet, Carton gets a little high, and ref awards Ashnault with an escape. Head offical Mike Allen behind us says Carton did lose control.

3rd: Starts neutral, Ashnault leads 7-1. Carton in on a shot and Ashnault working to create a scramble, Carton able to keep his positioning and come all the way around for a takedown. Cuts Ashnault 8-3 with :22 to go, Ashnault with a shot and Carton tries stuffing the head for a go behind but its stalemated. Period ends

Match Score:Ashnault 8-4 (Carton had RT)

Team score: 9-3 Iowa