While we have already announced most of the matches for the Night of Conflict people have been asking what teams they were all on. Either way these wrestlers are going to have a great chance to be coached by an Iowa legend. Former national champions and current world team members Brent Metcalf and Tony Ramos will go to battle with the following lineups on Friday, October 16th at 7:00 pm inside Carver Hawkeye Arena in Iowa City.

Team Metcalf vs Team Ramos

106 Cody Phippen vs Kyle Biscoglia

113 Brody Teske vs Louie Hayes

113 Aden Reeves vs Justin Portillo

120 Alex Thomsen vs Cole Manley

120 Justin Stickley vs Josh Portillo

120 Jack Wagner vs Jason Renteria

126 Drew West vs Gabe Townsell

126 Max Murin vs Brock Rathbun

138 Kanen Storr vs Ryan Leisure

*142 Jarret Degen vs Carter Happel

160 Alex Marinelli vs Drew Hughes

160 Kaleb Young vs Colton Clingenpeel

220 Dylan Prince vs Ethan Andersen

285 Gannon Gremmel vs Zach Muller

Rachel Watters vs Morgan Becker

We will also have a special match with #1 nationally ranked Cam Coy of PA taking on the winner of the match between Carter Happel and Jarret Degen.
**142 Cam Coy vs Winner of Happel/Degen match.

So there are the lineups for the Night of Conflict. Which side will you choose? Will Brent Metcalf’s Team come out on top, or will Tony Ramos and his Illinois heavy squad get the win? Tweet us your thoughts to @IAWrestle.