Yesterday, Iowa sent out a solid Greco-Roman team at the National Duals in Oklahoma. Iowa landed in a pool with tough competitors including California Red, Colorado, and Missouri. Iowa got off to a strong start, and despite having a lopsided defeat in the finals, Iowa was able to control every other dual they competed in on the day.

Team Iowa opened the day with a 64-6 smack down of team Louisiana where they only dropped one out of their fifteen matches. Iowa got falls from Colton Clingenpeel (152) and Jackson Gallahger (138) on the way to the win. Matt Malcom (160), Donovan Doyle (195), Dillon Gottschaulk (106), and Brock Rathbun (126) all scored 10-0 technical falls for Iowa.

That moved Iowa to the semifinals where they faced a solid Colorado team, and Iowa came out on top 43-23 over the Rocky Mountain state. Iowa got three falls in the dual from Cole Erickson (152), Cash Wilcke (195), and Nic Madsen (138). Both Erickson and Wilcke contributed to Iowa winning four of the first five matches to give Iowa a big lead they would never look back from.

In the pool finals Iowa faced California Red, and this time they would come out on the losing end with California winning 45-20. Iowa won the first match of the dual, but California won six of the next seven to take control of the dual.

Colorado lost in the third place match, which meant Iowa had to take the mat one more time against Team Missouri to determine the true second place team in the pool. A lot was on the line, as Iowa needed a win to move on to today’s Gold/Silver pool and secure a top eight finish in the National Duals. Iowa did just that by winning 45-21 over their southern neighbor.

Missouri led off with a win at 182 pounds, but Iowa sent a trio of nationally ranked wrestlers to capture the lead. Wilcke won 9-7, Ethan Andersen (220) won by fall, and Carter Isley (285) won 6-4 to put Iowa out front. Dropping back to the bottom of the lineup, Iowa and Missouri traded matches from 100 through the 132 pound match, and Missouri bucked the trend by winning their second straight match at 138. Iowa then got four straight big wins from Aaron Meyer (145), Erickson, Tristan Johnson (160), and Dale Hillman (170) to give Iowa the win.

The Gold/Silver pool gets underway today at 9:00, where team Iowa will face off against a tough Illinois squad. The action can be watched on Flowrestling.

Pool B – Iowa is guaranteed 2nd place
Match #1 Quarterfinal: Iowa defeated Lute de La Louisiane 64-6
145 – Aaron Meyer (Iowa) over Perry Hawxhurst (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 12-2
152 – Colton Clingenpeel (Iowa) over Leaf Ballast (Lute de La Louisiane) Fall 0:28
160 – Matt Malcom (Iowa) over Chase Menendez (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 10-0
170 – Salvator Armani (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
182 – Deion Clayborne (Iowa) over Keegan Gilligan (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 15-3
195 – Donovan Doyle (Iowa) over Benson Davenport (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 10-0
220 – Ethan Andersen (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
285 – Carter Isley (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
100 – Grayson Kesterson (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106 – Dillon Gottschaulk (Iowa) over Joshua Johnson (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 10-0
113 – Brenden Baker (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
120 – Austin `Colt` Olinde (Lute de La Louisiane) over Dante Tacchia (Iowa) Dec 16-14
126 – Brock Rathbun (Iowa) over Mason Gonzales (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 10-0
132 – Paul Glynn (Iowa) over Juju Jones (Lute de La Louisiane) TF 12-1
138 – Jackson Gallahger (Iowa) over Landon Wheat (Lute de La Louisiane) Fall 5:53

Match #2 Semifinal: Iowa defeated Colorado 43-23
152 – Cole Erickson (Iowa) over Chase McElhany (Colorado ) Fall 5:58
160 – Tristan Johnson (Iowa) over Ian Havens (Colorado ) TF 11-0
170 – Idan Peak (Colorado ) over Dale Hillman (Iowa) Dec 17-16
182 – Deion Clayborne (Iowa) over Donovan Rincon (Colorado ) TF 10-0
195 – Cash Wilke (Iowa) over Ben Hinds (Colorado ) Fall 4:06
220 – G`Angelo Hancock (Colorado ) over Ethan Andersen (Iowa) TF 11-0
285 – Carter Isley (Iowa) over Jacob Robles (Colorado ) Dec 8-4
100 – Ryan Chauvin (Colorado ) over Grayson Kesterson (Iowa) TF 10-0
106 – Jaden Porreco (Colorado ) over Gable Fox (Iowa) TF 11-0
113 – Brenden Baker (Iowa) over Jordan Martinez (Colorado ) TF 13-2
120 – Frank Martinez (Colorado ) over Dante Tacchia (Iowa) TF 12-1
126 – Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) over Thomas Hancock (Colorado ) TF 12-0
132 – Paul Glynn (Iowa) over Brandon Lucero (Colorado ) TF 16-6
138 – Nic Madsen (Iowa) over Justin Davis (Colorado ) Fall 2:03
145 – Keegan Shaw (Iowa) over Bronson Spies (Colorado ) TF 14-4
Iowa’s team score was adjusted by -1.000 for unsportsmanlike conduct on athlete

Match #3 1st Place Match: California Red defeated Iowa 45-20
160 – Matt Malcom (Iowa) over Jordan Jimenez (California Red) TF 15-5
170 – John Leal (California Red) over Salvator Armani (Iowa) TF 10-0
182 – Roman Romero (California Red) over Deion Clayborne (Iowa) TF 13-2
195 – Davit Stepanyan (California Red) over Donovan Doyle (Iowa) TF 10-0
220 – Christian Ayala (California Red) over Ethan Andersen (Iowa) TF 18-8
285 – Carter Isley (Iowa) over Jake Minshew (California Red) Dec 5-1
100 – Jacob Allen (California Red) over Grayson Kesterson (Iowa) Dec 7-1
106 – Nicholas Aguilar (California Red) over Dillon Gottschaulk (Iowa) TF 12-1
113 – Brenden Baker (Iowa) over Randon Miranda (California Red) TF 13-1
120 – Abbas Khan (California Red) over Dante Tacchia (Iowa) TF 11-0
126 – Devan Turner (California Red) over Brock Rathbun (Iowa) Dec 5-0
132 – Jaden Enriquez (California Red) over Paul Glynn (Iowa) Dec 9-1
138 – Armand Molina (California Red) over Jackson Gallahger (Iowa) TF 10-0
145 – Keegan Shaw (Iowa) over Zachary Evans (California Red) TF 10-0
152 – Anthony Mantanona (California Red) over Colton Clingenpeel (Iowa) Fall 0:42

Match #4 2nd Place Match: Iowa defeated Missouri 45-21
182 – Andrew Buckley (Missouri) over Deion Clayborne (Iowa) Dec 9-7
195 – Cash Wilke (Iowa) over Jayden Bears (Missouri) Dec 8-4
220 – Ethan Andersen (Iowa) over Casey Jumps (Missouri) Fall 3:38
285 – Carter Isley (Iowa) over Christian Boyles (Missouri) Dec 6-4
100 – Grayson Kesterson (Iowa) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
106 – Malik Johnson (Missouri) over Gable Fox (Iowa) TF 14-4
113 – Brenden Baker (Iowa) over Jet Tryon (Missouri) TF 10-0
120 – David Berryman (Missouri) over Dante Tacchia (Iowa) TF 10-0
126 – Nolan Hellickson (Iowa) over Austin Hanson (Missouri) Fall 1:11
132 – Christopher Bamman (Missouri) over Parker Witthuhn (Iowa) TF 14-3
138 – Wolfgang Clapper (Missouri) over Nic Madsen (Iowa) Dec 14-12
145 – Aaron Meyer (Iowa) over Maverick Alexander (Missouri) TF 10-0
152 – Cole Erickson (Iowa) over Austin Purtle (Missouri) TF 10-0
160 – Tristan Johnson (Iowa) over John Anderson (Missouri) Dec 5-2
170 – Dale Hillman (Iowa) over David Hawk (Missouri) Fall 3:43

By Ross Bartachek (@rossbchek)

Lead Editor of IA Wrestle