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  1. I ordered apparel online after HS state ended and I still haven’t received my order. Any information? Have they sent?

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  4. Why am I blocked from your Twitter account? I am a promoter of the sport, was married to coaching legend Mike Duroe and my father was a founding member of the Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame located in Cresco. Need a explanation please.

  5. I don’t understand why you can’t keep up to date results. The last article was about quarters match-ups. When was that? 2-3 days ago. Forces me to go to Flo to get me info. So sad.

  6. I thought you guys were here to report on wrestling in Iowa? You have done a terrible job of following the FRECO season this year. Zero reports on the Junior Duals and so far Zero reports on the Junior division at Fargo. You just posted an article on the 16U group but that is it, no follow up to that even and that part of the tournament ended yesterday. No reports of Team Members on both teams either. The Predicament has even posted that information. You guys really need to step up your game in this area, there is a lot of talent wreslting here and us Fans want to know about it.

  7. I saw the article about Ben Kueter trying to make the cadet team in freestyle/greco did he make it or any other 8th graders make the team with some big surprising wins? I always like reading about whats coming in next at the HS level. I have not seen much of that to date this year. Alway fun and informational reading thanks for all you guys do!

  8. Hi Tony this is Angela Fritz you can return my call at 402-490-2088 I am following up on Mr wrestler of the Year 1A. We followed that very closely and we would just like some kind of explanation as to why I Gabe Pauley was not given that award or even one of the three. We tracked it to the minute and he was almost a thousand points ahead of the young man that was awarded wrestler of the year with all of the votes and the time we all took to vote everyday we feel we want an explanation. For all the time we all took to vote was the voting process just a sham we would like some kind of explanation

    • Hi Angela –

      I am not sure if you question has been addressed, but if you read the below from press release (I am linking original post) you will see that the fan vote itself did not determine the winner of the contest. Per the release there was a panel of four individuals (made up of a combination of IAwrestle and the IWCOA) making nominations for wrestlers to move through each round and each picked a winner. The fans’ vote is considered the fifth committee member.

      Gabe did not receive enough votes from the rest of the committee (fan’s vote counted for one vote for him to advance to the top three) to reach the final three.

      From the release:

      “Another round of voting will take place to determine the three finalists. The fan votes will count as ONE vote towards the IAwrestle/IWCOA committee votes in EACH round. (The committee consists of four individuals with the fan nomination vote breaking any ties to determine winner)”

      • Ross, I agree with you, Gabe is a very talented wrestler but was undeserving of the Mr. Wrestler award. From what I watched first hand at the AC/GC wrestling tournament this year, he was a darn lucky young man that even got to westle in the State Tournament. After losing in the finals he shoved the Referee and said that is Bullshit right in the center of the mat. That should have been a DQ for the Tournament and in the IHSAA rule book that says he sits out the next competition and that was Sectionals for them.

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  10. Cullan Schriever possibly broke his ankle at the cheesehead classic this past weekend. May be out for the season

  11. Your page has been hacked and a pop up saying I could win $1000 gift cards from Windstream communications keeps popping up and I can not get out of it unless I close the page. I hope you can get this fixed soon as I can’t look at your page.

  12. ….Cedar Falls has a new head coach Chris Ortner. Reported on KWWL and KCRG nightly sports cast.


  14. I listened to your last podcast on Vegas and was a little disappointed you guys don’t know the age groups that get to go to Fargo it’s cadet and juniors only and Ross needs to read the rule books on freestyle and Greco he makes it sound like it’s to hard to understand and at USA Nationals and Vegas you didn’t mention how the cadets any younger Iowa kids did , on USA wrestling web sight all the information on age groups for all divisions Uww events has different age groups than the USA wrestling events , I heard a lot I’m not sure , with a little studying of the rules you would be giving facts not guessing

    • It wasn’t Ross that made the comments, it was me. For someone who ONLY watches folkstyle, freestyle rules can be a little confusing. I also found the link to the age groups ( thanks for pointing that out. Again, for someone who doesn’t follow closely or is new to the sport, it can be very confusing.

      Thanks for listening!

  15. Will all 3 days of the state wrestling tournament be televised? I have Dish Network and was wondering where I would be able to find it on Dish

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  17. I just purchased the $65 Season Pass, but cannot for the life of me, figure out how to get in? I know my password, and assumed my User Name was my email address? It just keeps telling me, I’ve entered invalid information? I know the PW is correct, but guess I’m not sure what to use for User Name…it never asked me to pick a user name? Please let me know how to access…Thx, Kris. My email….thanks what I thought would be User Name?

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  20. I’m going to grin and bear it and purchase a Flo pass, but will Nic (or anyone else) be doing any kind of play by play or updated results for UNI this weekend at the Scuffle? Thanks.

  21. Hi
    Anyone gor any idea if its possible for a Norwegian wrestler to get a year of wrestling in Iowa as a exchange student?
    Asking on behalf of my son.
    He,s currently on the national cadet team in Greco Roman. And this selsom he finished 4th in the national champs.
    Aiming higher for the upcoming in february.
    Weighs 75kg
    Very comitted to wrestling and We borg think he would benefit from a year abroad.

  22. Need help: Our father, John Byers of Wyoming, Iowa passed away a few days ago. We are all befuddled trying to remember his awards…. We know he was inducted into the IHSAA Wrestling Hall of Fame in 1990 but are trying to figure out if he was also in the IHSAA Coaches and Officials Hall of Fame or if those two things are the same thing??? Someone please let us know. Thanks!

    • Hi there, some of the Ads on our website are not controlled by IAwrestle, but are based off of user viewing history. IAwrestle has not endorsed either candidate and does not plan to make any political comments other than to state that as a company we are neutral to all parties. This is a website for wrestling and that’s what we will stick to.


  23. Many of kids who are in preseason ranking list won’t likely even make the weight class they are ranked in these lists so don’t waste too much time concerning yourself with them.

  24. I’m shocked Tyler Van Houten, from Panorama didn’t break the rankings. He holds 2 falls over Caleb Simacek, a win over Dylan Shuck in regulation on off season, a win over Tyler Decker from East Buc, as well as a win over South East Valleys 145 pound state qualifier, his name escapes me at the moment. All on top of that he’s a district qualifier who placed higher that Simacek at districts.

    • There are kids ranked at weights they won’t ever be wrestling at either so wouldn’t put a lot of concern into these preseason rankings.

    • Looks like several rankings that concern me. I see Luke House from Sigourney is ranked at 126. Not a chance. I would rather have seen Tyler Strasser North Mahaska there. He does have 3 pins/MD over kids that beat House.

  25. Hey Tony. Us fans are all up in arms about the lack of stalling calls ruining the sport. How about an interview with Chuck Yagla. I saw him at the Ntioanl Duals so he is familiar with the fans’ displeasure.


  26. Colby McIntyre is listed in both central Lyon 2awrestling rankings at 138 and 1a at 126 for clarion goldfield

    • Hi John. Cross Face usually airs Wednesday nights at 5:30 PM (Central). This week was an exception. If you follow our Twitter accoutnt, @IAWrestle, you can get updates there. If something comes up and we cancel that night’s show we usually put the notice out there.

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